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Frances writes popular articles targeted at the public and at costume-makers.

Her specialism is to connect what people wore to the economic and social background of the times they lived in, 1066 to early 20th century. 

Underwear to outerwear, and the overall silhouette, are affected by technological innovation and political unrest.  The fabric and surface decoration seen in surviving garments and contemporary drawings, paintings and sculpture can be changed by seemingly small factors: how the hair is worn might be affected by changes in tax or who the King decided to marry. New machines are invented that affect the pattern on fabric, someone might accidently discover a new dye, wars mean that there is a shortage of men in polite society, and so on. All these things dtermine what men, women and children look like.

Short or long articles are targetted at your audience.

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last updated 20 June, 2010