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Letters Page

The following was received from the Captain of The Red Lion Darts Team;-

I feel compelled to put the record straight, for all you people concerned with Mile High.

  1. Firstly, Mark has played for the Lion in a manner becoming of his status within the sport in this area.

  2. Secondly, in a season that has lasted nearly twelve months, it would be very difficult for any team not to have differences of opinion from time to time. And to put the record straight, all our differences have been sorted out as the season progressed.

  3. Thirdly, Mark has decided to move on next season, we at the Lion thank him for all he has done for us and wish him well in the future.

And finally, to all other teams within the league, well done for completing the league season and look forward to welcoming you all back to our place next season.

Yours in sport
Neil Hutchings Red Lion Captain. (18/7/09)


Hi, I am emailing you from Blackpool where the world match play will be from the 20th- 26th of July. (2008) This month we are offering anyone who has not already  booked, fantastic accommodation for a great price. For all information on our hotel please visit-  www.blackpoolfamilyaccommodation.com  Please call for prices as they vary to your needs, but I list an idea below and hope to hear from you soon.
Double Room £60 p/n
Single £40 p/n

Anthony Williams  
The Ashley Victoria
17 - 19 Alexandra Road
01253 348787

Hello Al.
Long time no speaketh.
Well, guess what, I've only gone and done it! Signed up for the last few games of the season for the lion.
After an absence of two years, I just couldnt keep away,( and lots of nagging from Mark Hylton) LOL!!!
No, seriously, other interests have kept me away (and the fact I got stuffed a couple of seasons ago with highest finish and a 7 darter, I will never forgive you!, although I seem to remember you lost out too, you're forgiven).
But what a nice return, played well in my first game against Globe but lost 2-0, then flick me, my nerves were shot to bits in my second game at Libbys, apart from 14 pints and a sniff of the bar maids apron is there anything you can recommend for me to take to calm these nerves that were with me at 17, disapeared at 25, only to return at 40!
Great to be back mate, and wow, what a website, didn't think it was possible to improve on the last, but eh!
WAL (aka Wayne Layton)

Hi Alan

          Just like to say well done on a great website for the Rugeley darts league, I'm enjoying my return to darts after about a 15 year break!, and got to say the standard of darts is a lot higher in Rugeley than back then.
Also wanted to run something by you, do you think there would be much interest if the old Rugeley Sunday darts league was resurrected again?.
My thoughts are it would be a small league to begin with, but I think a minimum of 8 teams would be required.
I remember the Sunday league quite well and at the time I'm sure it was 9 a side in terms of the teams.
All the best Simon Healey

Hi Alan,
Just had sight of your Rugeley Darts website.  Very good it is too.  Hope you don't mind but I've put a link into our own website: sundarts.co.uk link http://www.sundarts.co.uk/
We are a Lichfield Sunday lunchtime league that play 501 best of three straight in.
All the best.
Kev Sawyer

Recently I was asked if I would place a link for an on line darts shop. After doing so I received this E-mail in thanks;

Hi Alan
           Many thanks for that Alan, it’s very much appreciated. I will gladly add links to both the sites on our store.
And as a thank you, If you or any of the players in your league/leagues and organisation are interested in registering with our shop, I will register them for 10% off their first order over the value of £10.00. Just ask them to put Rugeley Darts or Big Al’s in the ‘Company’ field on the registration page so I can see who they are. I will then email them when I have added the discount to their account and they can then order and see the discount in the shopping basket.
The discount is available on all products in our store including the new ‘Barneygrip’ Darts and also the Unicorn 2008 range Pre Orders.

Many Thanks,

 Sheffield Darts Supplies.       www.sheffielddarts.co.uk        www.sheffielddarts.com


I have had several E-mails from two local young Ladies that run a fairly new web-site specializing in interviews with some of the top darts players.

Thanks for your mail - and the impressive link on your site.
 Will be at Bolton over various days this week, so, Yes, will be getting more interviews - also have an exclusive with John Part, but again until my webmaster is back can't load it - look out for others coming up - we have about 6 players who have agreed to do interviews with us tonight when we're back there!!
Usually get involved in some exhibitions locally, and know of a couple coming up, so keep your eye on our forum board, where we advertise them, including contact details.
All the best and Thanks again
Vic Dartsbabe!

And another one from Vic

Thats fine - the more links that we get the better - Sal's not the webmaster, I'm afraid neither of us are that technical!! - I use a friend of mine who is doing a degree course on web building etc. -
Our site was originally built by a work colleague, it started as a bit of fun for us, and we had to do things as cheaply as possible, ie why we used bravenet! -  but things have moved on from there and we are trying to be a bit more serious!!! lol - but not too much!! We know a lot of the players now, and I think its a bit different for them, having 2, how can I say, thirty something women following darts like we do. Over the coming months we hope to improve the site, so it retains the fun side, but looks a bit more 'professional'.
Like I say, John Part interview is completed and waiting to be uploaded, Barry French, a local chap also wanted an interview, he was in the prelims at Bolton last night, so that ones waiting to load too. Lionel Sams, James Wade and Alan Caves have all asked for interviews so, watch the space.
If you don't already know, there is a site http://www.starsofdarts.com/forums/index.php which is fantastic and you get all the banter on there - we're members on there too - its free. Take a look.
If you are ever at an event and you see us - you'll know its us!!! - please come and say 'hello'
Regards Vic

I replied saying that Mark Hylton was playing at Bolton.

Yes - he took out one of the Americans last night, Ray Carver - who is no slouch. Mark's nickname is Mile High as he's the Airline Cabin manager isn't he? I may pop over to him tonight and mention Graham's name - be pleased to do an interview if he's up for it.

Do you ever have any exhibitions over there? let me know if you do, we'd love to come over and be involved - just look at the Wayne Mardle one we got involed in!! (write up on the site). http://www.dartsbabesontour.co.uk


This E-mail from Phil got my attention.

I thought you might like these poems Alan, keep up the good work. Phil.

Click Here To See The Poem.

Also got a request to place an advert from a Michael Heal.

Hope you might be able to bring this event to the attention of your darts-playing fraternity.

We can assure members of a great time in a great place hosted by John Lowe and his wife Karen.

I've attached details and an article from a recent Darts World Magazine

Best regards

Michael Heal: Festival Director.

Click Here To See Article.

 Please E-Mail anything of interest to me by clicking here.