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Here is my growing list of "Best Classical CD's." - with the choice of the month at the top. The choice for last month has been added to the table below. There are also three links at the bottom of the page to my early sets of choices. There are now 7 choices on this page plus 60 on three earlier pages.

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If you are wondering why there isn't an extra column in the table below for my comments, it's because each cell would basically contain the same words - 'Great music, good recording, buy the disc!'

I've also used low quality scans of the covers to keep the page download size to a minimum.

My newest Classical CD choices

The Sofia Recital

RCA Red Seal

Arthur Rubinstein
Collection Vol. 70
Saint-Saëns, Falla, Frank & Prokofiev
Violin - Arthur Grumiaux

ADD Length-62:57

Code- 09026-63070-2 Price - Mid

Last month's choice added to TOP of this Table.







The Sofia Recital PHILIPS 50 Mozart -
'The Violin Concertos'
2 CD Set - 5 concertos
plus 2 sonatas
Violin - Arthur Grumiaux ADD Length-153:26 Code- 464 722-2
Price - Mid
The Sofia Recital PHILIPS 50 'The Sofia Recital' 1958 Piano - Sviatoslav Richter ADD Length-76:30 Code- 464 734-2
Price - Mid
Brams-Bach-Schubert EMI Classics Brahms Violin Sonata No.1
Bach Partita No.1 for Solo
Violin & Schubert Rondo in
B Minor for Violin & Piano
Violin - Elisabeth Batiashvili -
on her 'Debut CD' &
Piano - Milana Chernyavska
ADD Length-64:10 Code- 5 74017 2
Price - Full
Schubert Privilege Schubert's 'Trout' Quintet
'Death and the Maiden'
Piano - C. Eschenbach,
Violin - R. Koeckert,
Viola - O. Riedi &
Cello - J. Merz
ADD Length-74:35 Code- 427 215-2
Price - Mid
Schumann Naxos Schumann Piano Concerto
in A Minor
plus other pieces
Piano - Sequeira Costa
& Gulbenkian Orchestra
Conducted by S. Gunzenhauser
DDD Length-57:41 Code- 425 003-2
Price - Budget
Prokofiev and Stravinsky Decca Prokofiev Violin Concerto
Nos. 1 & 2 Plus
Stravinsky Violin Concerto
Violin - Kyung Wha Chung
& London Symphony Orchestra
Conducted by André Previn
ADD Length-70:51 Code- 425 003-2
Price - Mid

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