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Here is a list of the games we have used on the Pc Card.

I have two Pc partitions (recently increased to 980mbs each) - one has Window's 95 on it and the smaller one has Windows of Workgroups but is mainly used for Dos gameplay. Also note this is using a 586x100 card with 32 Mbs Ram allocated, Pc Pro V3.06 but without Pro Sound. Games come on CD Rom and are being read on a 12 speed SCSI CD Rom drive. The harddiscs are also SCSI so this may well help with the speed a little.

Game Results
Civilization II (Microprose) Windows,works better on Windows '95, sound works.
Command & Conquer (Westwood) Dos version works but with no sound.
Discworld (Psygnosis) DOS, works
Discworld II (Psygnosis) DOS, works - juddery sound.
Fragile Allegiance (Gremlin) Dos,works but no sound.
Klik & Play (Europress) Windows,works -some problems with colour
Master of Orion II (Micro Prose) DOS, works but poor video sections.
Star Command (GT Interactive) Won't install has to be copied to the harddisc, works but no background music.
Star Control 3 (Warner Interactive) DOS, works fine but slow on video sections.
Stars! (Empire) Windows, works no problems.
Settlers II (Blue Byte) Dos,works, problems with install, sound works.
Theme Park (Bullfrog) DOS, works but no sound.
Theme Hospital (Bullfrog) DOS, works but best in 'low res' mode.
Transport Tycoon (PowerPlus) DOS, works but no sound.
Warcraft II (Blizzard Entertainment) DOS, works and Level Editor works in Windows '95.
Worms (Ocean) DOS, works
Cats (haven't got Dogs but should work as well) (Mindscape) Windows, works with sound -need 256 colour screen

Here are two lots of results I got using WinTune '95 on my system dated 29/07/97 and 27/09/97 on my larger Window's 95 partition.

I have an original 600 Risc PC ( the one with the added mini 16bit sound card ) which was first upgraded to an Arm 700. It has since beem upgraded further to a StrongArm running at 204 Mhz.

The system has a 2.1 Gig. SCSI harddrive, a double-speed SCSI CD Rom drive and 32+2 Mgs of Ram. I have a 586*100 uncached PC card with PC Pro and Windows '95.

I am using a 990Mb PC partition as Drive C and allocate 24Mg of Ram for the Card. The display for the card is set at 800 by 600 in 256 colours (Palette colours.) Suggested screen memory is 585Kb but I allocate all 2 Mb's although when these tests were run I kept to 1500 Kb.( For the first test I was using a SCSI I card by Castle Technology but by the second test this had beem upgraded to their SCSI II 'Storm' interface. )

Wintune '95 Highlights are:-

First Test

Category Result
CPU type (reports) CyrixDX (but is 586*100)
Clock rate 84 MHz
Dhystone 109 MIPS
Whetstone 36 MFLOPS
Resolution 800 by 600
Colo(u)r depth 8 bpp
Video speed 2.7 MP/s
C:\Cached speed 5.6 MB/s
C:\Uncached speed 1 MB/s
Installed RAM 24 MB
RAM Read avg. 50 MB/s
RAM Write avg. 11 MB/s
RAM Copy avg. 7.8 MB/s

Second Test

Same system ( as above ) tested with the ONLY change being an upgraded SCSI interface.

I am now using a Castle Technology 32/16 'Storm' interface.

One other point - I ran the Wintune '95 test three times and each time there were small variations in the results - which I have averaged out in the list below.

Category Results
CPU type (reports) Cyrix486DX (but is IBM 586*100)
Clock rate 84 Mhz
Dhrystone 111MIPS
Whetstone 32MFLOPS
Resolution 800*600
Colo(u)r depth 8bpp
Video speed 2.7MP/s
C:\Cached speed 5.6MB/s
C:\Uncached speed 4.6MB/s
Installed RAM 24MB
RAM Read avg. 56MB/s
RAM Write avg. 11MB/s
RAM Copy avg. 8.7MB/s

The faster throughput of the SCSI II showing on the 'uncached speed' hopefully will help speed up disc-intensive tasks.

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