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Update - Nov'06 - here I am, just turned 60 (22/11/46).
The picture above is a much reduced image from the quite high quality one taken.

Sept '06 my son Matthew is now working in Dundee.
My daughter has just (July 2006) got her 2.1 dregree in Combined Studies from Manchester University.

Roz getting her degree

On the 18th June my copy of PCW (Personal Computer World UK Mag) came through the door. Turning to the 'Letters Page' I find that not only is my letter included but it's the 'Letter of the Month' winning me a Taxan 17in TOC95 Ergovision 0.25 pitch monitor worth a good 440 UKPs!

Anyway here's some background info.

I am a widower with two children. I will not be saying much about my children because shortly they will no doubt want to include their own pages to this site. Anything I might say will just 'embarrass' them. My son now has his own site at Geocities but he doesn't want me to put a link in here to it.

Here is one of my favourite pictures of my late wife Marilyn.


Here is a picture of my first car. It was a second-hand Mini Van bought in late 1969 for 70UKPs plus 15UKPs to have the front end re-sprayed.

First Car

Here is a picture of my second car. It was a second-hand Mini bought in late 1971.

Second Car

Here is a picture of my late wife (then girlfriend) next to my third car. It was a secondhand 'K' reg Mini bought in early 1975.

Girlfriend + second Car

Here is a picture of my eighth car. It is a Vauxall Corsa 1.4LS 5-door. It was bought in Oct.'93 and as of May '05 it had done 98,000 miles.

Eight Car

Here is a picture of my ninth and current car. It is a Ford Ka. It was bought in Aug 2005 and as of Oct 2007 it's only done 8,000 miles.

Ninth Car

It Started with the BBC 'Micro Live' Programme

I became interested in computers with the BBC Micro in late 1982. Since then I have owned an A3000 which was upgraded a few times - but my present machine is a StrongArm Risc PC ( Acorn ) that started out as an 600 RiscPc.I have a 586 Pc Card using Windows '95. Although I use the card quite a bit I much prefer to use the Risc OS desktop. See my other pages for Acorn interests.

Button2Click for Acorn pages

I used computers in schools from 1983 and about 1987 I took part in trials for the new TTNS ( The Times Network for Schools ) - my school was one of six or seven primary schools in Derbyshire testing the system. I mention it here because then the transfer rates were 1200 - 300 to send teletext-type pages over the system ( that is 300 bits per second send and 1200 receive. )

!!New update on the A3000!! It's now back in use after a luckly break - getting an Acorn AF30 monitor for £49 :-) and with it for 20UKPs was a A3010 machine that the shop - 'Cash Converters' couldn't get to work being as it was stuck in 'supervisor mode.' This lead to my son using the A3010 rather that the A3000. It took about two days before he discovered that 'floppy-only computing' was not for him. So the bargain is less so with the additional cost of a 340 Mg HardDisc and Simtec EIDE interface.

My daughter wanted to know what so going to happen to the A3000! Just a few weeks later we picked up a second-hand Nec monitor for that. At least for a short time I even got back on my own machine!

A few months later and we now also are the owners of a well-used A4 computer picked up at a Computer (PC) Fair very cheaply. The screen is fine except for the bottom strip which is blacked, in fact 'yellowed' out, so I use !ExtraBar to help loading applications. The best thing is that it had a 200Mb harddisc which is working fine. Another problem was a duff battery but it came with a Mains power supply so it's used powered from the mains. The A3000 has gone back into the cupboard as we are using the Nec 2A monitor with the A4.

I'm quite impressed with the A4 it seems fast even using the 'NewLook2' icons and pinboard which although nice on the A3010 slowed it down too much.

The Cooper household now has:-

(see top of page) A Brand new 17in Taxan Ergovision 0.25 pitch Monitor! arriving 21st. June '99 - to add to:-

An old BBC 'B' plus external floppy

An A3000 -with Risc OS 3, Arm 3, 2Mbs (no harddisc)

An A3010 -with 4Mbs, Simtec EIDE interface, 340Mb disc, AF30 monitor

An A4 -with 4Mbs, 200Mb disc, Nec 2A monitor

And the main machine -

StrongArm Risc Pc, AlphaScan+ monitor, SCSI interface, 34Mbs Ram, 12-speed CD drive, 2 harddiscs (2Gb+0.5Gbs) 586*100 PC Card using Pc Pro 3.3, 33.6 external Sportster Voice modem, Mustek 600 IICD scanner, Cannon BJC-4300 Ink Jet printer (purchased from Desktop Projects Ltd. Stockport, NW England. Go to Desktop Projects Ltd.) and a trusty old Citizen 120D+ printer used for draft printouts.

Update June/July '99 - Now with 4.2 Gig and 2 Gig harddrives (the 540 taken out) Even better! A new Taxan 17in monitor via 'Letter of the Week' in Aug '99 Personal Computer World. (See top of page)
5th Sept- swopped out a 16Mb memory chip for a 32Mb one (secondhand for 20UKPS!!!) so now have 50Mbs total (48+2)

Update 1st Oct.'99:- Now have RISCOS 4 running on my computer and the harddiscs reformatted to the new F+ format.(details soon)

June '00 Wakefield Show Charity Shop - bought a second-hand exturnal SCSI box and have put the old 2-speed CD in it - used mainly to play Music Cds.

I have made contributions to the Collector Set of Acorn User CDs. (Acorn User is an Acorn based magazine published in the UK.)

On CD's No.2 and 3 quite a number of my American photos were included and now on Disc 4 (Acorn User 200) which was out in early Oct. On it is a copy of my whole website as it was on the 9th August 1998.
Also as of May '99 nineteen of my Backdrop Tile Sprites have been included on the 'Arm Club PDCD3' CD Rom Disc. This was launched at the Wakefield Acorn Users Show in the UK.
All this free downloadable is available elsewhere on my site. From my Homepage follow the Acorn links.
AUCD9 May '00 contains 20 of my 'Backdrop' Jpegs to use with RISCOS4

Sadly Steve our Dwarf Russian hamster died on the 25th Feb. '99. He was about three years old.

New Charity Link

On my Index( Home )page I now have an added link to the R.N.I.B. ( Which stands for the Royal National Institute for the Blind ) This society was very helpful to my late wife as it continues to be to many tens of thousands of others today.

In particular the main support and joy for my wife was the 'Talking Book Service.' Books on robust and long tapes plus the special machine to play them on were sent cost-free through the post for the user to enjoy. In my wife's case this helped lift the great sadness she felt from no longer being able to read.

After my wife died (15th March '94 aged just 44 years old) we raised the money to have a book recorded (at the time £500 would pay for a recording and £200 would buy a tape machine.)

The link is added here again:-

Click for link to RNIB's Homepage


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