Hello I am
Junior Lensmeister.

This is my website of photography.
My camera gear is: Canon EOS
500 QD and a Canon powershot A470.
I've been doing photography for 5
year's. Three year's ago in 2006 my
family and I went to America it was
a great time to take some photo's. I
don't have a lot of photos on here at
the moment due to my computer braking
down and I lost most of my photos.

If you had seen my old website it wasn't
very good, so I decided to change it last
year but I never got to do it until the 15th
of January 2009. I then decided to not
change it that much due to the laptop
crashing down and I had start from scratch
agian and it was very hard.

To contact me send an email to ddft10 @ hotmail.co.uk ! Hope you like my new website, thank you.
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