The Roaring Lion Foundation & The Crossing Over Project

This is a mini site, with information about The Roaring Lion Foundation of Trinidad and The Crossing Over project.


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The Roaring Lion Foundation & The Crossing Over

The Crossing Over 2003 A prelude to The Caribbean Junction 2004

The Crossing Over is a multi-media package of young Trinbagonian artists. The group includes some of the most recognised and talented Trinbagonian artists of the under 35 generation. Many may consider members of The Crossing Over group the 'best of the best' of an avant-garde generation who have transformed Trinbagonian artistic traditions.

The Crossing Over is an initiative by a group of young artists who see the need for greater international exposure for their music and art. Towards this end they have targeted the Festival circuit in the UK as one of the arenas of their initial international thrust.
Performance at premiere music festivals will form part of a series of events in the UK culminating with a large multi-media showcase inside the Nottinghill Carnival.

The Crossing Over 2003 is a project conceptualized by multi-media artist Rubadiri Victor as a natural partner to the desire of many of his generation to make overtures to the UK music industry and its public. It is an overture to The Caribbean Junction 2004.

The Caribbean Junction 2004 is an annual Pan-African Caribbean Music Festival celebrating mainly the African Caribbean presence in England slated to premiere for Black History Month in 2004. Brainchild of Sheldon Blackman, the festival will run for 4 days and include many staged concerts, a marketplace, workshops and discussion forums.

The Crossing Over 2003 Musical Contingent:

Musicians                                            Type of Music

Sheldon Blackman/Love Circle              Jamoo - progressive kaiso

jointpop                                                  Trini roots/alternative

Solomon                                                 Trini reggae/roots/alternative

Ataklan                                                   Rapso

12                                                           Trini roots/alternative

Moyenne                                                 Kaiso jazz

Gillian Moore                                          Trini roots/folk

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