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Opened for Shaggy in 2002 in Trinidad as part of his Hot Shot album tour

June 1999 Tour of New York City, where they showcased their unique sound at legendary CBGB's.

Further shows at the Spiral Lounge, The Orange Bear, The Baggot Inn and Kenny's
Castaways ensured the group gained new fans, increased CD sales and sealed a solid foundation in the Rock & Roll Capital, New York City

September 1997, Club tour of South Florida. Strong live performances at The Cameo Theater, Rose's, Churchill's, and The Grind won the group many new fans and friends plus added press and radio play in South Florida.Their Independent Record Company - LittLe 2 TunE Records - attended the MIDEM LAC 1997 Music Market at the Miami Beach Convention Center


exile, baby © 2002

Port-of-Spain Style © 1999                     

Formed in January 1996, this four-member group from Trinidad & Tobago plays a brand of mixed pop music a la nobody. Imagine vintage calypso (Atilla, King Radio, Executor), early 70's reggae (The Wallers, Peter Tosh) and classic Rock & Roll (Stones, Beatles, Dylan, The Velvet Underground, The Clash) all rolled into one... well that's jointpop.

Led by Gary Hector the former singer/songwriter of Trinidad's most popular and successful Rock & Roll group Oddfellow's Local, joint continues to push the limit of Caribbean pop. Since 1997, starting with their self-titled five song EP and continuing with each subsequent album and music video the group has steadily gained ground on the airwaves, press and television in the Caribbean and on the college radio circuit in Canada and the U.S.A. Meanwhile the live jointpop experience continues to be a main draw on the local entertainment circuit.

Mark "Ataklan" Jiminez has been called the hope and future of Rapso - that genre of Trini music that has been called a cross between rap and calypso. Ataklan sees himself as a modem incarnation of The Midnight Robber the marauding boasting masquerade from the Trinidad Carnival who spits incredible tales of prowess and supernatural power. What is clear is that Ataklan is one of the best lyricist, songwriters and freestylers not only of his generation but in the whole of Trinidad at present. Ataklan's masterpiece album Atamophisis has been rated by some critics as the greatest album of the last twenty years in Trinidad music!

Mark "Ataklan" Jiminez



   Hundreds of performances in Trinidad, the Caribbean and the diaspora


Atanomical © 1998

Atamorphisis © 2000

Described as 'the masterpiece'. Dedicated to his new born son, Tyrone, Atas referred to the album as "searching for that next level within self, from caterpillar to butterfly. The concept for the album- a new life out of the old- came long before, but with the birth of Tyrone, word and flesh had become one."

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