In this section you will find information about the clients that we have worked and are currently working with.  Also, we will try to provide some of the artists material.  If the artist has completed material that is available for sale, this will be available through mail order, direct from the studio.

Studio Clients

Andre Brasseur

Andre Brasseur is a veteran hammond organ player, from Lustin, Belgium, who had a series of number one hits in the US and Europe, with the 4 million selling Early Bird, in the mid 1970's.  Andre has been working with Northern Congress over a number of years, remixing some of his back catalogue.  With a soon to be released single, "Ali", from a forthcoming album. 

Sheldon Blackman

Sheldon Blackman from Trinidad, Tobago has been working with the studio, in Lancashire, on location at Notting Hill and other locations across the UK, gathering material for a forthcoming album.  One such location was a church, close to the studio, in which he recorded "Maracas", using the mobile recording facility and Paul playing the church organ.  Sheldon also recorded "Love Bomb" at the studio, the track has already been released in Trinidad and hopefully will get a UK release sometime this summer.

Sheldon will be visiting the UK this summer doing cultural workshops, for education and community based projects.  He will also be appearing live at a number of festivals and musical events across Europe.

Northern Congress - Chris, Paul & Gary

Northern Congress is a remixing and production team, that operates from the studio and includes studio Owner/Engineer/Producer Paul Draper.  The other members are local DJ Gary Sargent and drummer Chris Goodwin, formerly of Manchester band, The High.  Chris's name can also be linked with other band's such as Electronic, Buzzcocks and  Flag of Convenience.

Ann Lloyd, originally from Newtown, Powys in mid Wales, is a singer/ songwriter who performs a captivating blend of traditional and original folk/ pop ballads and country music. Her lively interpretations of traditional folk songs accompanied by herself on guitar, are popular throughout Wales and the northwest of England where she now lives. Her original songs are written from the heart about life and love as she sees it with clarity and humour.


Her new recording is the result of a collaboration with Paul Draper on keyboards and percussion and also the "Secret River band" who accompany her on the bluegrass tracks.

Ann Lloyd


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