In this section you will find information about the clients that we have worked with on location, using the mobile recording facility.

Location Recording Clients


Barnados  recently held their bi-regional conference at the McAlpine Stadium, Huddersfield on the 11th April 2003.

The conference was recorded using the mobile recording facility, in the morning, which  was distributed on CD to the delegates, later that afternoon. 


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Children of Rainford

The Children of Rainford recently used the mobile studio to record a number of hymns, which was commissioned by the Rainford Flower club.  It was recorded for use in the United Reformed Church, Rainford, for The Junior Flower Club, Flower Festival that takes place between the 27th and 29th June, 2003.

The recording took place on location at three schools in Rainford, in March 2003.  The Schools involved in this project were Corpus Christi Primary, Church of England Primary and Brook Lodge Primary.

Clients That Use The Mobile Recording Facility

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