People with Dementia and the Local Church

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People with Dementia
and the Local Church

...a guide and encouragement for carers and for ministry

        by  Malcolm Goldsmith

Special website discounted price 10 post and packing free   239 pages   ISBN 0 9530494 6 9

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About one person in twenty over the age of sixty-five and about one in five over the age of eighty have dementia. These people will have spouses, partners, children, relatives and friends. It is likely therefore that just about every church congregation and community will have a number of people affected, directly or indirectly, by dementia.

How do clergy and lay leaders, members of the congregation and others understand, relate to and support these people?

What happens to the faith of people with dementia? How do their carers cope with faith issues?

What happens when people move into residential or nursing homes or into hospital? What forms of ministry are appropriate?

This book, written by someone who has spent many years as a parish priest is full of reflections and suggestions. It is an attempt to guide and encourage people in this important but often neglected area of ministry.


Since his ordination in 1962, Malcolm Goldsmith has worked in parishes in Birmingham, Nottingham and Edinburgh. He has been a university chaplain, a chaplain to a hospice and a Research Fellow within the Dementia Services Development Centre at the University of Stirling.

His book "Hearing the Voice of People with Dementia" was short-listed for Age Concern's Seebohm Trophy 'for the book which best promotes the well-being and understanding of older people'.

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