All profits go into Society Funds.

The 'Society Shop' is mainly for the benefit of the 'The George Formby Society' and Formby fans throughout the world. No profits are taken by anyone involved in the running of the shop, therefore you will be happy to know that all profits from purchases will be ploughed back in to the Society funds with the sole aim of helping to keep the name of George Formby shining ever brighter.
If you don't see what you want on this page, don't be put off - we want to know your needs and will always try to find what you want.

Please pay by Cheque in the UK or by banker's draft in English Pounds Sterling, 
Euro Cheques in Pounds Sterling or Cheques sourced from UK banks from anywhere else.

*Personal Cheques in other currencies accepted but an extra 5.00 ($7.50US) must be added 
to cover Bank Commission fees for changing foreign currency to British Sterling.

Orders to: 12, Bonington Rise, Maltby, Rotherham S66 8QP England 

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Please make your cheque payable to: 'The George Formby Society'



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