Money Matters Baptism


Minister to be appointed is our minister and she leads our morning worship and chairs our leadership meetings which consist of the deacons.

We remain committed to maintaining open and honest relationships within the fellowship and welcome any comment on any area of church life. It is important that we listen to each other. Our motivation must be driven out of a love and compassion for those who are part of our fellowship and also for those who have yet to discover the reality of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

The body of Christ is a living organism not a stale organisation, made up of Christian believers throughout the world from many different traditions. However, as Baptists we strive to discern the mind of Christ through our Church Meeting, which meets every quarter. It is the churchís decision-making body, where every memberís contribution is important. Members are encouraged to make every effort to attend and be actively involved in the decisions affecting our life together as part of Godís family.

The reason our church meeting is only open to those who are members of Dewsbury Baptist Church is due to the importance we place on seeking to discover how God would want us to live, we must be clearly committed to the same aims and objectives. Each member has a part to play and a responsibility to share as we pray and support one another within the Christian Church throughout the world.

If you would like to enquire further about membership please do not hesitate to talk to any deacon.