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Safe to Grow

Safe to Grow is a Baptist Union publication and is its response to Home Office Recommendations and Guidelines to provide all voluntary groups, including churches, a framework for action to promote children’s welfare, in particular to prevent abuse taking place.

We follow the recommendations so that all who work with children and young people, as well as the church leaders, know how to:

-  protect them from abuse;

-  act responsibly if abuse is discovered or disclosed.
Our appointed working party invested time and energy in examining the Baptist Union publication, Safe to Grow. After fine-tuning and upon approval of our Church Meeting we have implemented it into our local church context. Its aim is to establish a valuable and integral working policy as part of our children’s and youth work and for it to be regarded with respect, reflecting the respect that we hold for all children who are placed under our supervision and care. It may at first appear daunting but considered as a whole it provides a practical tool. The commitment of those who work with our children and young people to greatly valued. However, as society wakens up to the reality that children are always at risk of abuse, it is vital that we provide the highest standards of integrity and transparency to those who are either part of our church community or those who consider themselves to be on the fringe. We hope that you will endeavour to promote and value its importance. Those who seek to work with children and young people will be expected to adhere to the guidelines and undergo appropriate training. As we implement these guidelines on an ongoing basis we will help provide a safer environment for both child and adult as we grow together as the body of Christ.