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Sunday Worship

Our Sunday services

 are designed to meet your spiritual needs, whether you are a Christian or whether you are looking into Christianity for the first time. The content and themes are varied and we seek to continue to develop an interesting mixture of modern and traditional music.

We hope you find

our services helpful and enriching as we meet together to worship God and to enjoy Christian teaching and pray about relevant and important topics. It is our hope that as you join with us, you will experience something of the presence of our loving God.

You Are Welcome To Holy Communion

  On the first morning of the month, we celebrate communion as an integral part of our service, when we remember Christ’s death on the cross, through the symbolic act of sharing bread and wine together.

  Our church practices what is known as an “open table” whereby all who are committed Christians and know Jesus Christ as their Lord are welcome to join with us in taking communion. Whether you are a church member and irrespective of denominational background or affiliation you are welcome to partake. Those who have not yet made a commitment to Jesus Christ are encouraged to be present but not to participate in the bread and wine when it is distributed.