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For those of yDJ Madaou who don't know me, I'm DJ Mada A.K.A. Adam Pancho. I started DJing in 86 after my brother (Son) got a slip mat & some old 7inch records. Once Son taught me the basic scratches of that time I would practice...a lot. I'd come home from work in my lunch break, stay up too late & miss work, bedroom DJ's know the deal! I practiced for 3 years takinDJ Madag inspiration from DJ's like Jazzy Jeff, Cash Money, DJ Dazzle, Mastermix, DJ Ron, Bobcat & DJ Aladdin to name a few. They had the patterns & flow I craved for, & worked hard to get. Then in 89 Son brought me in on a crew he had hooked up with at college. This is where I met AJ, Much respect to that guy, he taught me drags & the chirp. Two things I badly needed. Now it was on. we did a fewshows, I entered a few dj battles, now I had the hunger. so what was next...how could I get in to this more??? The perfect opportunity came up, We cut a record. Untitled. Hardnoise entered the British rap scene. There's more info about Hardnoise on the Hardnoise page. (There are sound clips on the outcome page). So now I'm out there, & best believe at the time (1990) people couldn't believe the scratching on "untitled" could be done, But as anyone who knows us knows differently. The same way people doubted DJ Supreme & DJ Undercover, Is that the response you get for being a pioneer? Thankfully things aren't as bad now & people give props when they're due...Or maybe that's because we paid our dues! Either way it's nice that people recognise our talent when they hear it. TA!!!!

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