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Well this is where it all started musically, DJ Son, DJ Nyce 'D'.(R.I.P.) & T.L.P.1, Who got together to form HARDNOISE. Primarily a sound system, But mainly friends from school/college. At college they teamed up with DJ AJ & Gemini & put together their 1st track, Pure Destructive Power, An unreleased gem, Their 1st release was UNTITLED a massive underground British rap tune using apache like never before. Produced DJ Son, T.L.P.1 & Mastermix, With cuts by DJ Son & the newest member to the crew myself, DJ Mada, this was a self financed venture which Music Of life Signed them for. The crew's second release was the single Mice In The Presence Of The Lion / Serve Tea Then Murder. Another firing release, With the M.C's voicing solo tracks, Each track showing their own unique styles....But sadly this was their last. So as elusively as they stepped on the scene, they disappeared from the scene, but not entirely, as they all carried on with their own projects, "AJ" Is currently producing beats & regularly puts out mix tapes (A.J's Planet of the Beats), Gemini did the Bushkilla tracks & is currently in the studio working on new material. He now goes under the title "BLOODHOUND", , "DJ Son" is DJing at clubs in the London area playing a mixture of soul, funk, breaks & rap. Unfortunately I don't hear from T.L.P.1 anymore so no news there, but I hear he still writes lyrics.(I'd like to hear them myself!!!)& me, well the info about me is on the DJ Mada page.

Denis Malcolm Grey Roberts
A.K.A. "Nyce 'D' " 29-8-70...19-8-90

The Sickle Cell Society

 We Still Miss You Bro.

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