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Well it seems a lot of DJ's can write down how to do a scratch....What bull!!! How you gonna tell someone ....as you drag the sample forward, quickly "click" the fader off, "click" it back on to the cut in point, "click" it off again and finish with the fader turned on. Oh Really!!!! & what sort of time frame are you using??? When I started DJing all we had were some audio cassettes & our own ears...& plenty of time. So I won't waste your time with crazy descriptions of fader movements, instead there are sound clips covering the basic scratches. Once you have mastered these all you have to do is "Add It All Together & Make It Complete" Another thing which will prove invaluable in learning some of the more complicated cuts are videos like turntable wizardry pts 1+2, there are some others but try to follow people whose scratching YOU think is on point. If you know someone who can show you the more complicated cuts let them show you. Believe me some of them aren't easy to get! Whether you like the new stuff, crabbing, orbits, rubs (hydroplanes, I think I first heard these on Hijacks Style Wars...Could this be true???) The Euro etc. Or the old cuts transforming, the chirp, drills, stabs, cash money click etc, Remember one thing, Similar to breaking...You can't just have power & no style & vice versa. Don't limit yourself by just having ONE impressive cut...Learn as many as you can & COMBINE them...COMBOS are important, changing between cuts smooth transitions. And keep it clean. Let's have fun people!!!!!
Also you may be wondering where all the more complex stuff is....Well if I put them up now all you would do is jump to lesson 3 or 4 wouldn't you?
But for this thing you have to crawl before you can walk. Yeah I know we all want the impressive shizzz but you gotta wait for it...It will come, but you need discipline, So take your time & learn as much as you can.
Lessons 3 & (possibly) 4 will follow soon!!!
**Please note, I'm assuming you already know the basics of mixing, and are moving on to scratching.*

Download the latest version of the flash player (you will need 7 or higher)

If you need the video files in real media or in quick time mail me and i'll mail em, (running out of web space!!!)

Download the latest flash player form here

Then work your way through these!!


  Lesson 1...The Basics
Audio Files Video Files
The Baby Scratch The basis of scratching, a simple back & forth pattern with an open fader.

The Baby Scratch mp3The Baby Scratch ra

The Baby Scratch
The Forward Scratch On this one you only want to hear the forward sound from the record so close the fader when you pull the record back. The Forward Scratch mp3The Forward Scratch ra The Forward Scratch
The Military Scratch This is a combo of the baby scratch & the forward scratch, Generally it's a constant baby scratch, then a forward scratch, changing between the two. The Military Scratch mp3The Military Scratch ra The Military Scratch
Stabs This is a faster version of the forward scratch remember we only want to hear the FORWARD sound of the record so it's open fader release the record, close fader & pull back record to original position, the repeat. Stabs mp3Stabs ra Stabs
Drags This is a slow pull back or push forward on a sound which is used to best effect in a combo. Drags mp3Drags ra Drags

Combo 1

Here we demonstrate all of the basic scratches in our own style. Combo 1 mp3Combo 1  ra Combo 1

Combo 2

Remember the amount of combos is as big as your imagination! Combo 12 mp3Combo 2 ra Combo 2

One thing I will add here, the scratches are now getting harder, but everything I'm doing is recorded live, & it's not sped up or anything like that, All of the scratch's you hear can be done, & if you can't do them yet, don't give up. It took me 18 months before I got the chirp, & even then it was shown to me!! Take you're time & practice hard, break a scratch down, slow it down, do what you gotta do to get it..... Happy learning!

   Lesson 2...The Middle Level
Transforming On this one here is a slow back & forth movement on the record whilst "tapping" the fader on & off (quickly or slowly) to make this type of "autobot" sound. Transforming mp3Transforming ra Transforming
The Cash Money Click Son from Hardnoise told me the name for this one. This is a very nice simple pattern which like the baby scratch makes up the backbone for a lot of cuts. The hand on the record does the baby scratch but you use the fader in the opposite direction to the record.(i.e. start with the fader in the centre,and simultaneously push record forwards, & close the fader, then pull record back & open fader) But remember, this isn't one where you "tap" the fader like transforming, the motion has to be smooth. The Cash Money Click mp3The Cash Money Click ra The Cash Money Click
The Chirp (open fader, half speed) This one I find hard to explain so I'll do it at half speed first, See if that helps you...that's how I learnt it.(This was after being shown the basics of it by AJ from Hardnoise) it's very similar to "The Cash Money Click" but now you need to applying varying speeds to the record you're pushing. This is what gives you the type of sound you need here.(remember this is half speed) The Chirp (open fader, half speed) mp3The Chirp (open fader, half speed) ra The Chirp (open fader, half speed)
The Chirp (half speed) Now here it is, again at half speed, but with the fader in use. You'll find that if you've mastered the "smooth" fader movement of the "The Cash Money Click" this will sound better, since they're pretty much the same pattern, but now the hand on the record is giving some of the different sounds. The Chirp (half speed) mp3The Chirp (half speed) ra The Chirp (half speed)
The Chirp (normal) Once you've got the logic of how it works at half speed, the practice starts.... Some of you may not find it easy!! But if you start off slow like this, you should have it a no time. Remember, all the chirp is, is a fast 'n' funky version of the cash money click. The Chirp (normal) mp3The Chirp (normal) ra The Chirp (normal)

The Chirp (double speed)

Once you have got that you can advance to the double speed chirp. The Chirp (double speed) mp3The Chirp (double speed) ra
The Tear Scratch For this cut it helps if you count 1,2,3, 1,2,3, It's a forward, back pause, back, scratch. This one works nicely with transforming. Or on it's own as on "open fader" pattern. The Tear Scratch mp3The Tear Scratch ra The Tear Scratch
Tips This is a term for a scratch where you just use the very beginning of the sound (the tip) You can use this one when you're stabbing, or do a combo with the Cash Money Click for that true old skool Jazzy Jeff type scratch. Tips mp3Tips ra Tips
Drills (Skribbles) We call them drills Americans call them skribbles. The difference between the two is drills are a longer more rolling version to skribbles (Check Son Of Noises Scratch It At Your Own Risk & Hijack's Shogun Assassin) These sound nice fast!!!
Where as skribbles are short bursts of the drill which you can repeat to get the desired sound.

Drills  mp3Drills ra

Skribbles mp3Skribbles ra

Drills (Skribbles)
Combo 1 I love these old type patterns, this is a combo of, cash money click, tips, the tear scratch, Transforming & skribbles. Phew! Combo 1 mp3Combo 1 ra  

Combo 2

The "Hijack" combo, this is one I've always marvelled over, it's a mixture of tips, skribbles & drills. Combo 2 mp3Combo 2 ra Combo 2

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