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So after all those years of work, what have bedroom DJ's achieved? Well most importantly they can mix..... very important I feel. Then what about all that scratching? Well most DJ's have got into a pattern & developed their own style, or adopted someone else's style,which is cool so long as you don't just rip off a DJ's style....even down to the way you stand!!! Maybe people like that will get their own style one day!! Or so we hope eh? Well the clips are me & my style, take a listen! Even got Renegade on one of them! Also keep checking back as I will be changing or adding new clips frequently. And let me just say PEACE to all the turntablists out there! Keep scratching alive. And no I haven't forgotten the rap stuff. Check out the unreleased Son Of Noise jams too! (well when I put them up!!!!!) But there is always something tasty at the bottom of this page!
Here's a snippet from Untitled by Hardnoise....(Where I entered!) 90'
Untitled mp3
Untitled Sleeve
untitled ra
Mada & Renegade putting it down on Retrocide 93'
Retrocide 93 mp3
Crazy Mad Flow Sleeve
Retrocide 93 ra
These clips are off of mixes I've put out.
Here's a snippet from The Hip Hop Era pt1. 99' (Takin' em back!!)
The Hip Hop Era mp3
The Hip Hop Era pt1
The Hip Hop Era ra
Here's a snippet from the 2nd Bomboclart Hip Hop Mix. 99'
The 2nd BC Mix mp3
99 BC2 Mix Sleeve
The 2nd BC Mix ra
Here's a snippet from the 3rd Bomboclart Hip Hop Mix. 00'
The 3rd BC Mix mp3
The 3rd BC Mix Sleeve
The 3rd BC Mix ra
Well no snippet here as this is one of my "club" mixes, Enjoy the artwork!!
Partyzone Mix Cover... No clip here, just my handy work in Photoshop!!
Also keep watching this page, May saw the start of my downloadable series. I'll be featuring an exclusive tracks from my collection, unreleased Son Of Noise...unreleased Hardnoise...Exclusive Demo's...And just some relatively unheard stuff that inspired me. But be warned, they'll only be upwhile they are up...And they ain't getting repeated!

OK, So the site gets an update, and i hear "Hey Bomboclart DJ Mada!! you gotta give me something special on this one!!" Well since you a ball fe it, see it ya!!

Same drill here for these, better to right click and "save target as"

the ultra live recording of mice in the presence of the lion, recorded at dingalws, 91!!

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