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You know the deal in here......... It's all about me & my people.........
More to follow!!!!!!!
Nyce D   Mark James Shortee Kofi and Drew At a Son Of Noise party in the Africa Centre.

Denis Malcolm Grey Roberts
A.K.A. "Nyce 'D' "

Mark Pyle 18-5-73 - 18-11-2000
Noel Pyle 23-12-79 - 18-11-2000
l-r mada nyce d tlp 1 dj carl (SON) gemini aj renegade and blade (seated) l-r nyce d ian (cap one's bro) dj carl (SON) blade dj son dj mada gemini (hidden) renegade goddy tlp 1 cap one (kobalt 60) l-r mada tlp 1 gemini nyce d ian (cap ones bro) goddy  renegade dj carl (SON) blade
I gotta big up Blade for these pics, some of you guys never got to see Hardnoise back in the day, Here ya go!!
Son of Noise Off The Walworth Rd Yeyyyyy The only pic of "all" of Hardnoise in one place!! Look close y'all. You'll see Blade in the back there. S.O.N. in switzerland for our first international P.A.
So i finally got to meet my biggest inspiration!!!
Yes yes!! Me & Jazzy Jeff Jazzy Jeff in action!!!!
Nuff Said!! It's us again!
Mode 2's graff for the Son Of Noise - Little Rascool Launch Party The Almighty Headspin Of Storm!! Mode 2's graff for the Son Of Noise - Little Rascool Launch Party with S.O.N. in front
Munich Graff Munich Graff Munich Graff
Munich Graff DJ Son's graff Done In 86' (ish) Munich Graff
A flyer for a jam we did in Germany S.O.N. jam at the Africa Centre The flyer penned by Mode 2 for the Little Rascool launch party in 95
The humble beginnings!! And as things progressed....... and this is the set up nowadays!!!
Practicing!! still practicing!!! what happens to an 07 pro when you let me loose on it??????????? and yes... i do use it like this!
Renegade & Mada...... Ready to go!! Possibly in Barcelona Mada...... Ready to go!! Chemnitz... East Germany S.O.N. at the clean jam in Hanover
Hmmmmmm does anyone know these cats??? I've got a cassette of the freestyle session recorded on this day (back in 88) Watch out for a freesyle version of "Style Wars"...... Aaaahhh Yeah!!!! Those good ol' days back in 89.... Flat tops were all you needed!!! Da Firin' Squad
"Rude Boy Risk" & Crazy Legs Who were the original big ballers????? Caveman
The Cookie Crew & DJ Son Dec 1st 91 Hey you the rock steady crew.......... Mada, Curoc, Storm, Renegade, Son & Mode 2 in Norway

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