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Here's just a little info on the setup I like to use for my bedroom DJing

The Almighty Technics 1200

Now the mixer on the other had has evolved so much,,Here's a list of mixers I've been through in my time as a DJ. Some of you London DJ's will remember some of these!!!

1st. The Phonic 3000, a 4 channel mixer with just 4 up faders! Basic & very cheap but the mixer only lasted about 3 months!

2nd. The £50 realistic mixer from Tandy (with cross fader)!!! Those who know....KNOW!!! A classic nice cheap mixer with a cross fader.

3rd. The now legendary Phonic MRT 60... A classic, This is the mixer AJ & Dazzle had, nice amount of inputs you could get new cross faders for £5 which lasted about 4 months, sound.

4th. The B.V.L 2200 the London equivalent to the Gemini, the best cut on on a cross fader & the mixer was only £65 faders were available but supplies got scarce the price went up so out it went!

5th. Vestax PMC05 ...with the tiny cross fader. Enter Vestax with the 20mm crossfader, rocked this one for 2 years, plug in faders...no soldering! A good mixer to scratch with but not so good when you're doing mixtapes as the small fader keeps cutting out the other channel, shame though, was truly a tiny mixer...but out it went!

6th. The Gemini 2200...Another Classic...Jazz Jeff's mixer..Now this was more like it. Full size fader good cut out, the boom mixer....at home! take this mixer out on tour, as we did & encounter terrible feedback problems...out it went!

7th. The D.M.C. PMX2 A real robust mixer. This one lasted a couple of years... Faders lasted for ages could take it anywhere, good cut out....no complaints here. Sound mixer for the price.

8th.The Vestax 05 Pro, Blinder... A different league. When they said the cross fader never crackles I wanted one... When I heard the price I didn't want one!!! £650 for a mixer. Whoa! Nevertheless I got to use one at a showcase...Had to start saving. A mixer with the smoothest fader which is already loose when you get it, no crackle on the cross fader & you can adjust the cut in of the fader + it has a hamster switch...It's real good,

The 05 Pro from Vestax

9th. The Vestax 07 Pro...& then some!!! (I've got one of my own now!! Thanks Kev!!! Cold mixer!) The same functions as the 05 but none of the faders will ever crackle!!! Hamster switches on the cross & up faders & curve adjustment on the cross & up faders, Does anyone know of a better mixer?...Let me know.

The 07 Pro from Vestax


and now... my mixer looks like this!!!

And clearly times move on, and yes, I still cut up on vinyl, but I do also use Serato, unless you've been living in a cave, you would have heard of this thing, it's such a handy thing, the only pain is ripping my vinyl to MP3!!!


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