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Son Of Noise.........Keepers Of That "Britcore" Style


So on to more recent times, With the splitting of Hardnoise, & Curoc departing company from Gunshot, Coupled with Son, Curoc & Mada’s friendship & will to do more material, Son Of Noise was born. We released one single on Music Of Life, the self-titled Son Of Noise/Ill Justice. But shortly after that releases S.O.N. left due to, let us say MOL taking berties with some accapella’s. So off to Kold Sweat we went to release two more singles & an album The Mighty Son Of Noise. It was while the recording of this album was taking place another friend joined the team….Enter Renegade, After this release & more bull from the independents S.O.N. went back to self financed ventures, releasing Crazy Mad Flow/Retro 93 on their own Little Rascool Records, with the final album Bullshit & Politics pt1.Between then & now we have done a few projects but nothing has been put out, We’re trying to decide if we will go back in the studio to do some more self financed projects, it’s quite possible. But at the end of it all we have gained a group of close friends both in house and from the British rap scene. Hopefully this we continue to grow as it has done…

Peace to all of the U.K. scene


Son Of Noise Discography

Son Of Noise / Ill Justice (Music Of Life NOTE53) 1991
Master Of Menace / Milk In The Chocolate (Kold Sweat KS117) 1991
Negative Forces / The Mighty Son Of Noise / The Mission (Kold Sweat KSEP207) 1992
Crazy Mad Flow / Retrocide '93 (Little Rascool LR001) 1993

The Mighty Son Of Noise (Kold Sweat KSLP3) 1993
Access Denied : Bullshit And Politics Pt 1 (IRS Do-LP 964.563) 1996

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