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See Survivorway on YouTube for Safety, Stalking, Bullying, Missing/Runaways, Problems, Pressures, helping Agencies


Do You Get Labelled? : Trubbles & Wurries - Problems Are Not All Your Fault! :
Dissing, Dissonance, Splits & Schisms : Beliefs, Myths, Cons & Scams : Doc Matrix X-Files & WHY? :
Cults and Groups
: Pressures from Outside or Within : Pick-Your-Own Personality Parts & Roles :
Missing from Home/Runaways, Home Problems, Bullying, HELPLINKS

TANSAL Abuse & Rights at www.tansal.org.uk Personal safety, abuse survivors; Domestic violence, bullying; Scapegoating, dissing;
Cults, beliefs, scams, con-tricks; Guidelines for finding help; Mental health, Disabilities;
Human rights, miscarriages of justice, Discrimination; Resources, Links, Books
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TOPAZ GOLDEN - For older people or anyone facing problems associated with ageing such as being a Carer, bereavement, ill-health, disability, elder abuse, retirement, reduced income: http://topazgolden.freehosting.net