Hoci Tanddwr Cymreig

Underwater Hockey Wales

Association of BOA Clubs in Wales.

About Us


HTC/UHW Committee


This comprises of 7 members in total, with representatives from Newport, Pembroke, Llwchwr and the Welsh Ladies, to consult with and represent views of other Welsh Clubs and players,  e.g. Pyle, Bangor, Swansea University, Cardiff University, Llanelli and Carmarthen.

The working language of this group will be in English.


The contacts are:


Llwchwr:               Robin Murphy          robin-murphy@hotmail.co.uk

                                 Stuart Thomas          sdthomas1@hotmail.co.uk


Pembroke:           Tim Dyson                  tim.dyson@pembrokeshire.gov.uk

                                 Collin Deller               colin@merrionvillage.wanadoo.co.uk


Newport:              David Murphy           davidmurphy@newportoctopush.com

                                 Stephen Scott           stephenscott@newportoctopush.com


Welsh Ladies:      Camilla Davies          camilladavies@newportoctopush.com


HTC/UHW Committee

Chair:                       David Murphy

Treasurer:             Colin Deller


Welsh Ladies:      Camilla Davies


Other Welsh Clubs and Players

To represent the views of all Welsh Players and Underwater Hockey Clubs, the HTC/UHW Committee will consult with and represent the views of other Welsh clubs and players (based on geographic location), as follows:


Llwchwr:            Pyle, Carmarthen and Llanelli

Pembroke:        Bangor University and Aberystwyth University

Newport:           Cardiff University and Swansea University,

                              & BOA players not resident in Wales.


This arrangement is a flexible and will change as new clubs come into existence.


BOA players from non-Welsh based teams will also need to liaise direct with the relevant team managers for consideration in that respective team.