Hoci Tanddwr Cymreig

Underwater Hockey Wales

Association of BOA Clubs in Wales.


The Welsh teams that will compete in 2009 are:


Ladies – Under 19’s and Elite

Open/Mixed – Under 19’s, Elite and Masters.



The Team Managers with full responsibilities are:


U19 Ladies:             Tim Dyson                tim.dyson@pembrokeshire.gov.uk

U19 Open:               Robin Murphy         robin-murphy@hotmail.co.uk


Ladies Elite:            Camilla Davies        camilladavies@newportoctopush.com

Open Elite:              David Murphy         davidmurphy@newportoctopush.com


Open Masters:       Stephen Scott         stephenscott@newportoctopush.com



The next Welsh squads training day has been booked at

Cardiff International Pool—Sunday 1st March and/or 29th March— To be confirmed.



Players who wish to attend should contact davidmurphy@newportoctopush.com  in the first instance. Details of other training and pool sessions is contained in the calendar.



Eligibility for Welsh Squads


From the BOA guidelines, the following Eligibility Guidelines will apply:


Home International

Teams selected by a country's appointed coach can play against teams in the same category from the other home countries (England, Scotland & Wales). There will only be one team per country allowed to compete in each category.


Eligibility to play for a country is based on one of the following:

           Full time residency in the relevant  country for 3 or more years

           Being of the relevant country by birth

           One or both parents of the relevant country by birth.


It’s worth noting the following definitions:


Ladies -     Female members and boys less that 13 years of age can also play in this category.


Open -       Any member of any age or sex.


Masters - Any male member more than 34 years of age or female of 31 years of age.


Rules:        Only registered BOA members can register to a squad. Squad’s coach and manager must be BOA members.



To be eligible, all players and team officials need to be BOA registered and follow existing BOA rules for team eligibility.


To demonstrate commitment, players are to attend the majority of the arranged squad training sessions.