eco-city design

walkable centres

shared space or separation


efficient buildings

public transport

why the trolleybus

road layout

car-lite districts



sustainable farming


quality of life


About Me

My name is Chris Bingham.  I'm 32.  And my hometown is Pontefract, West Yorkshire, England.

I was the bright kid in school and college.  But then I took the wrong degree (my interest in Mathematics disappeared pretty quickly once it stopped coming naturally) and came away with a third.

Since then I've worked briefly for the railway, and on a book about sustainable buildings for Yorkshire Forward, but have spent most of my working life as a cinema projectionist.  I can currently be found working at the head offices of one of the UK's largest retailers.

My strengths include problem solving, the ability to see things from multiple points of view, and making systems more efficient.

I drive a beat up Ford KA that I've had since 2002.  It's underpowered, but handles like a go-kart.

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