eco-city design

walkable centres

shared space or separation


efficient buildings

public transport

why the trolleybus

road layout

car-lite districts



sustainable farming


quality of life



Sustainable Communities

J.H. Crawford's is the website that first got me interested in sustainable communities, and is based on his book.

Another very good book on the subject is Richard Registerís EcoCities, Rebuilding Cities in Balance with Nature.  Find out more at

Richard Register argues for high density eco-cities with, amongst other features, bridges between buildings

I would also highly recommend James Lovelock's The Revenge of Gaia for anyone interested in environmentalism.

Zedfactory are the people behind BedZED and similar low carbon, low impact projects.

CABE - the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment. has a good article on pedestrian cities and quality of life.

cloverleafcity is ecotownZ' forerunner, and is recorded here for posterity.

Transport are campaigning to bring quiet, clean electric trolleybuses back to London.

Sustainable Farming

Nine Meals from Anarchy - the dangers inherent with Britain's oil dependant food supply.

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