David and Goliath

Copyright 1996 Steve Case

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This is third of three songs written for a Sunday School presentation on the story of David and Goliath. The music was originally developed for a Yamaha keyboard, but the midi file on this website has been re-configured for a Soundblaster AWE 64 card to give roughly similar sounds. Actual results will depend on the sound card in your computer.

To fight Goliath David went;
His staff and sling he took,
And five smooth stones which he selected
From a nearby brook.
And standing with the Philistines,
Goliath watched as David came,
And saw that he was just a youth,
And looked at him with great disdain.
"Am I a dog?" he said,
"That you come with sticks to me?
Come over here and meet your doom,
I'll kill you easily, I'll kill you easily."

But David shouted in reply,
"You come with spear and sword,
But I have come to fight you
In the name of the Lord."
"The God of Israel you defy
Will give the victory" David said;
He took his sling and fired a stone,
Which hit Goliath on the head.
Down, down the giant fell,
The mighty man lay dead.
And when they saw their hero gone,
The Philistines turned and fled,
The Philistines turned and fled.

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