Herod's Plan

Copyright 1995 Steve Case

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This is another song about the visit of the wise men, focusing on their encounter with Herod. The music was originally developed for a Yamaha Keyboard, but the midi file on this website has been re-configured for a Soundblaster AWE 64 card to give roughly similar sound texture. Actual results will depend on the sound card in your computer.

Westward they come to Jerusalem;
Costly treasures with them bring.
Wise men they are, guided by a star,
Searching for a new-born King.
And when to Herod's court the magi came
"Tell us where the king is born!" said they.
The scribes and priests then gave the answer plain:
"Bethlehem, for so the scriptures say."

Herod said to them: "Go to Bethlehem;
Then return and let me know
Where I can find this new royal child;
I will worship Him also."
But not a word was true, he lied to them;
His desire was not what he had said.
He had no thought to go and worship Him;
Herod planned to kill the child instead.

Onward they went, on to Bethlehem,
And they found the Saviour there.
Homage they paid, gifts before Him laid:
Gold and frankincense and myrrh.
And in a dream a message came to them:
"Don't go back to Herod's house today"
They rose and left the town of Bethlehem;
They returned back home another way.
They returned back home another way.

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