(Please read carefully this important information)

All our songs and lyrics, including those available via this website, are copyright. However, the material may be used by Christian organisations subject to the following conditions:-

  1. We must be notified by e-mail, giving the name and postal address of the church or other Christian organisation wishing to use the material, a list of the songs concerned, and a brief statement of how they will be used.

  2. The music and words of the songs may not be incorporated in any printed material which is to be sold for profit. If the words are reproduced in any printed form for free distribution, then an acknowledegment of the copyright must be included (see below).

  3. Any recordings incorporating the songs may not be sold for profit. If recordings are made for free distribution, then an acknowlegement of the copyright must be incorporated on the insert of the CD jewel case or cassette tape box.

  4. The words of the songs must not be changed in any way.

Copyright acknowlegments should be in the form indicated in the following example:-

The following songs are used by permission of the copyright owner:-

"Bethlehem is Busy Today" © Copyright Steve Case 1995

"Come Ye Behold" Copyright Steve Case 1996


Enquiries regarding possible use of the material outside the above conditions should be made via our E-mail address.

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