Full List of Songs

Below is a complete list of our songs. These include songs based on the Christmas story (suitable for Christmas pageants and nativity plays) and songs based on other Bible stories. All of them can be played by clicking on the title. The words will appear in a new window and the MP3 file should play after a delay of a few seconds. Close the window when you have finished listening. (Many of the songs can also be played using the numbered buttons in the Music Room menu panel).

Songs for Christmas Pageants and Nativity Plays


(These general Christmas songs are in two parts. The first part is intended to be sung at the start of the nativity play, pageant etc., and the reprise at the end).


Songs about the Angel's Message to Mary


Songs About Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem


Songs about the Shepherds


Songs about the Wise Men


Other Christmas Songs

Songs Based on Various Bible Stories

These sets of songs were written for our Sunday School Anniversary presentations, each set being based on a particular bible story.

Nebuchadnezzar's Golden Image

Noah and the Ark

David and Goliath

Daniel and The Lions' Den

The Conversion of Saul


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