Guestbook Archive - 2005


December 30, 2005
this is a great sight i love the music, their is a song that i would like to use for christmas i need a copy and you guys have great ideas if i get any ideas i would be happy to share it, hey i did a puppet show with the kids maybe you could do it it was about cain and able

December 10, 2005
Cathy Hubbert <>
St. Gregory's Lydiate
Thank you for your wonderful site, I searched all round the world for things for the Carol Service and the best site was a few miles away!! Cathy

November 26, 2005
Dave <>
Bristol, UK
It's always difficult to keep the kids entertained in Sunday school! Some great ideas here!

November 26, 2005
John Sestito <>
Catholic School Toronto Canada
Great ideas for the Nativity play thanks for sharing
God Bless

November 21, 2005
marisol padilla <>
new york church
this is a great sight i love the music, their is a song that i would like to use for christmas i need a copy and you guys have great ideas if i get any ideas i would be happy to share it, hey i did a puppet show with the kids maybe you could do it it was about cain and able

November 21, 2005
Mary Howard <>
Millhams Street Elim Church Christchurch Dorset
Really enjoyed looking at your Christmas ideas. I run a Sunday School which is smaller than yours and I prepare all the teaching, craft etc. I will visit your website again for ideas.
Thanks and God Bless all you do with the children.They look a great bunch!!!

November 17, 2005
marianne jerdan <>
st andrews wallace green church of scotland berwick upon tweed
the information on your pages is great we are a small sunday school always looking for new ideas

November 14, 2005
Chasity Mcknight <>
United States Indiana Christian New Light Church
I love your site It is very helpful with my sunday school class and even with my girl scouts. i can adapt the games for scouts which is wonderful. I wonder though can you download your songs? I would love to have a cd of your songs to play in my sunday school class. sincerly sister chasity mcknight

November 13, 2005
Anne Tankersley <>
Ashhurst Christian Fellowship New Zealand
It's so nice to see another small Sunday School with a variety of ages. We have about 30 children between 2 & 12 and it's always a challenge to find the right material that suits our style. We are planning on using your Christmas Windows ideas this year for the 6-8yrs olds. Thanks for taking the time to present your ideas and encouraging others in similar situations.

November 12, 2005
Wendy <>
St. John Lutheran ,Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Hi There,
Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your Christmas ideas section. I am running our small Sunday School on my own this year so I found your wonderful creative ideas very helpful. We are going to use your Christmas windows idea. We have 12 students so I thinkit will work very well with our traditional nativity. My 6 year old son is looking forward to being Caesar Augustus because it means he gets to yell over the balcony to the ppeasants below! Thanks again and will let you know how it goes.

November 08, 2005
Debra Meeks <>
Shades Mountain Independent Church-Birmingham, AL USA
I found you through a link from Danielle's Place. Loved the Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego song. Will be back! Thanks!

November 05, 2005
Shelley Bowdery <>
Thankyou for such a useful has been a pleasure to visit it

November 01, 2005
Kristen Mullen <>
St. Patrick Catholic Church, Taylor Mill, KY
I teach 6th grade religious education. The kids love the Sword Drills. I love the object lesson ideas. Thanks for the great site!

October 30, 2005
Pastor Damir Muncan <>
PANCEVO, near Belgrade, SERBIA
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

my name is MUNCAN DAMIR and I am a Pastor in Pentecostal Church "Garden of Good Hope" involved among the poor Romany in Pancevo town (18 km far from Belgrade - SERBIA). Me and my wife Jasmina are parents of two little boys, Peter (6) and David (3).

Also, me and my wife are involved in Praise and worship service. A few months ago we have started with Christian kindergarten in our Church. We have a many activity here as illiterate lessons and workshop. God really helped us to build an specific ministry here. We live by faith daily and praise God for His care over our ministry and life. We are not supported by any Christian denomination and all that you see at the pictures is His work through us.

We are so glad to contact you. This is our shortly report.

God bless!
Pastor Damir and Jasmina MUNCAN

October 27, 2005
Allison <>
Trinity Episcopal, Sonoma, CA
Thank you for sharing your materials. It is hard to find activities that will work for small congregations. Well done.

October 25, 2005
Chris Williams <>
Over the water in Woodchurch
Thank you, Dovecot Sunday School, for a brilliant site! I have taken the liberty of using some of your ideas in our church magazine for the children's page.
I know the faces and the quiz will go down really well! Thanks a lot, Chris.

October 25, 2005
Catholic Secondary School in Australia
i just had a look at your fabulous ideas for Christmas. i think the visual ideas are great and can make for a nice change each year. thank you for your sharing. Katrina

October 23, 2005
jenny fisken
St.Lambert's, Burneston, North Yorkshire, England
Thank you for some very interesting ideas especially for the ideas for smaller sunday schools.

October 22, 2005
Vincent Offer <>
St Mary's, Kintbury with Avington, Kintbury, Hungerford, Berks, UK
I discovered this site whils searching for things to do with Bible Sunday. Thank you for some wonderful ideas we can try with our small youth group.

October 17, 2005
Tina Skinner <>
Indianapolis Indiana
Dear friends in UK,
Keep up the good work! Your site is just wonderful and full of great ideas. I was so thrilled to find an idea for our children's Xmas play. You saved me a lot of time and money by publishing this great info on the internet. You are appreciated and blessed! Thanks a bunch!

October 17, 2005
Lonnie Padgett <>
Eagle Springs Bapt. Church, Oglesby, Texas
Very Good info.

October 09, 2005
Karen Reid <>
Ray of Hope Pentecostal Church, Pinellas park, FL USA
I'd like to use the "A Christmas Window" program and I'd like to have the music (Midi files) that goes with it. They would not open for me to preview. I was able to open the MP3 files however.

October 08, 2005
Toni <>
Presbyterian Church-Ohio-United States
You have an absolute wonderful site. I found it to be very informative. I am a Sunday School teacher and I love some of the way you have of teaching. Please keep up the great work, And please keep it free. Thank you for sharing your God given knowledge with us.
May God richly bless you.

October 05, 2005
Robin Brown <>
Salvation Army Youth Club, Eastbourne
I came across your website whilst browsing. I think it will be very helpful this to us in our work with children.

October 04, 2005
North Yorkshire
You are certainly an answer to my prayers!thank you for making your wonderful Nativity ideas available to us.Our Junior Church has 6 regular members, and maybe a further 6 occasionals, who we welcome at the major festivals.It is wonderful to have a solution that will include as many of them who turn up!
Im sitting here with a great big smile on my face, as I am sure that your ideas will be enthusiastically greeted by the whole congregation,
many thanks,
God Bless,

October 01, 2005
Barbara Meador <>
Myakka City Church of God, Florida, USA
I really like your website. I plan to use some of your ideas with my Juniors. Keep up the good work!

October 01, 2005
Julie Pearce <>
Colden Common Methodist Church, Near Winchester, Hampshire
I have just found your site and have spent a good few hours browsing and picking up ideas. Thank you for sharing your materials - it has given me inspiration. I'll be back for more! See you later, God Bless.

September 26, 2005
Mhairi Watson <>
Mount Rd Baptist Church Hinckley
What a refreshing site! I have broused well into the night!! Thank you for sharing your good ideas and all the hard work that you put into this and upkeeping the site. God Bless you!

September 21, 2005
Claire Walls <>
New Cumnock Baptist Church, Ayrshire, Scotland
This is a briliant website, well done! We're always looking for new ideas. Thank You

September 21, 2005
ELaine Westmacott-Sturdy <>
Church Road Methodist, St Annes, Lancashire
Really good, I have just taken up Sunday School and I have only 4 children who attend not every week. Hard work planning but it needs to be done


September 17, 2005
Allison <>
Childrens Church Leader- Southern Indiana
Thank you for the helpful materials!
Blessings to all!

September 17, 2005
Charlane MacKenzie <>
Community Fellowship Church, Waterloo, Canada
Great ideas! I especially appreciated the detailed instructions for the cube game and the tips for memorizing books of the New Testament. Thank you.

September 15, 2005
Carol Adams <>
St Matthews Church, Tipton, West Midlands
What a brilliant resource and so freely and expertly shared for the greater good of God's kingdom. Thank you.

September 13, 2005
Yvonne Shepherd <>
Abundant Life Faith Temple (U.S) Youth Leader
I will like to say that this is a wonderful web-site that you have here and bless this ministry and the children of this ministry.

September 06, 2005
Marcie Gustafson <>
currently in US; missionary in South Africa
This is a lovely site and of great help. I plan to return often, and will refer the site to others. Thank you for sharing, and for all the work it takes to make this possible!

August 30, 2005
Dreama <>
Jesus Saves Baptist Church, Virginia, USA
I have bookmarked your page! I can't wait to let the members at church know we can do a Christmas Play this year. I loved the Shadow Play. I think we can easily do this one. Thanks a bunch and God bless.

August 29, 2005
Deidré Benjamin <>
St. James, Anglican Church, Langebaan, South-Africa
Thank you for a wonderful website, your sunday school activities have helped me a lot and will in future.

Thank you again.

August 21, 2005
Adrian <>
Holland Road Baptist Church Hove East Sussex
Thankyou, a lovely web site. Some of the ideas will go down a treat next week before the new season starts again in September.

August 20, 2005
eileen draper <>
holy fire minerstry redditch england
I like this page but i would like more word searches

August 18, 2005
Natalie Davies <>
Foothills Church of Christ, Forrestfield, Western Australia
It's great to see some new Christmas music - you will certainly hear from me again VERY soon. Thanks heaps for the ideas - Sunday school won't know what's hit them!

August 12, 2005
Nathan Gardner <>
Shawnee Baptist Church, Kentucky, USA
I love the website. There are tons of great tips and suggestions for Bible teaching. Thanks for all of your hard work.

August 02, 2005
Lindsay Donald <>
Crown Terrace Baptist Church, Aberdeen, Scotland UK
Yours is a wonderful website, full of relevant, interesting material for kids. The Christmas material is to expecially recommended. The songs are original and the kids loved singing them.

July 29, 2005
Janet Green <>
Plymstock Plymouth Devon
I have just found your site and think it is brilliant. Well done for the work you do with the children at your Sunday School and for sharing your ideas.

July 20, 2005
janis capelle <>
first christian church, athens, texas
thank you for your sharing of great ideas.

July 19, 2005
sally baxter <>
st cuthberts church, oborne, sherborne
thanks for some great ideas - I have been charged with putting together the childrens carol are indeed God sent!!!!!

July 15, 2005
Bobbie Nelson
I am a SS teacher in our local church and am grateful for all the help I can get .. may God bless you for your willingness to share with others.

July 02, 2005
Karen West <>
New Creation Bible Church, Manchester
Great website, great idea. THANK YOU. I will definitely be back and hopefully give you some ideas in the future.
May God bless you for your generosity in sharing.

June 30, 2005
Ev. Sentrosel Pailaha <>
GMIM KRISTUS, Manado, Indonesia,
very good. Thank you

June 28, 2005
Judy <>
Barkeyville Church of God,Pennsylvania-U.S.A.
Thank you so much for making this available. I like to present something different to my class during the summer months and you have helped me so much. God bless you for your efforts. Judy

June 24, 2005
polly <>
thanks for your wonderful ideas.

i need more bible face grams for women of the bible.

June 20, 2005
Donna LindsaY <>
Ladera Community Church United Church of Christ Portola Valley, California
I just have spent the last 45 minutes reading just about everything on your web site. It was really great. I have put your site in my favorites and will come back to it when I need to. I loved the Scripture Memorization, Bible Books, and Short Talks. Thanks

June 20, 2005
Frida Kuhuwael <>
GPIB Gibeon, Jakarta, Indonesia
very good. I'lltry adding my ideas later. Thanks.

June 18, 2005
Ann Mahler <>
Holdenville First Church of God, Holdenville, Oklahoma, USA
I was quite touched by your music and your site in general. The Lord has surely blessed. I pray others are touched as greatly as I was listening to your music. God's richest blessings, Ann

June 12, 2005
Mark Fuller <>
Ashtead Baptist Church in Surrey
Thank you. I found some useful items which helped when I had to do Sunday School at short notice!

June 12, 2005
Janet Cryer <>
Enjoyed looking through your site

June 02, 2005
Sarah Bunce <>
Kinmel Bay Church
This is a fantastic Web Site, I was looking for some kind of guideance for our sunday school but didnt expect to find so much helpful information. THANK YOU. May God Bless you and your work with Children.

May 19, 2005
Annette Maclean <>
Dingwall Baptist Church, Highlands
I spend a lot of time browsing through sunday school websites and I think this is one of the best ones I have come across. Thank you for all your hard work.

May 18, 2005
Brenda K.
Alameda, California USA
We also have a small Sunday School with a wide spread of ages. We have recently switched to a more informal format, and many of your game ideas are going to enhance our program tremendously!! Thanks so mch for posting this.

May 16, 2005
Liam <>
Emmanuel Christian Fellowship
Very nice and helpful site. Thank you

May 03, 2005
Majetta Morris <>
Okinawa Japan
Thanks for this site. Being in a foreign non-English community, I am frequently looking for English material. I'm glad I found your site. I will return.
Could you also include a preschool section?

May 01, 2005
Lisa Phelps-Crawford <>
New Hope Baptist Church of Portsmouth NH
This is a wonderful site I will be using it to help with the children ministry in our church

April 30, 2005
Nola Branson <>
Tarlee Uniting Church, South Australia
I have found some very useful resources here! Can't wait for my turn to lead the Sunday School and use them!

April 27, 2005
Mary McGowan <>
Lisbellaw Methodist sunday school & junior christian endeavour, co, fermanagh, N. Ireland
just finding my way on the net, really enjoyed looking at some new ideas which i will use in J,C,E, & sunday school

April 23, 2005
Tony Inch <>
Abbotsham Baptist Church Devon
Vary Good site and some good ideas for our Sunday School

April 09, 2005
Sarah Hardy <>
St Luke's Church, Imphal Barracks, Osnabruck, Germany.
Your web site has been very useful to me as a start my journey as a Sunday School teacher. Thank you so much.
God Bless

April 03, 2005
Marshel Morrison <>
Pryor Missionary Baptist Church, OKLAHOMA
Just happened by on my cruise for the morning. Hope to visit you more often. Visit our church site at

April 02, 2005
Renette Worthen <>
Power of God Christian Center in Sparta GA
I am very impressed with the Short Talks. I can't wait to get started with my Sunday school class.

April 01, 2005
Jo Ann Gibson <>
church of Christ, Bay City, Texas, USA
I am very impressed with the Sword Drill ideas. I can't wait to try them out on my Sunday school class! Thanks so much!

March 16, 2005
Beverely Wilson <>
Freedom Rest Baptist Church, Anacoco, La.
Your website is an answer to prayer for me. I needed new ideas for the Young People at my church and found just want I needed on your web site.
Thank you very much for your efforts with this website.

March 14, 2005
Lorraine Tollemache <>
St.Andrews.Burgess Hill,West Sussex

A Christmas Window was a huge success both with the children and the congregation.Lots more to try!

March 09, 2005
deanna boling <>
rosedale baptist church, richmond, KY, usa
Looking for help in teaching 1-2nd graders

March 06, 2005
Steve Treseder <>
Ebenezer Gospel Chapel, Maesteg, South Wales
Found your website while looking for new ideas for a weekly after school club we run in our local primary school. Some of the quizes will be most useful. Also love the music. May God richly bless you in your work for Him. THe children of today are the church of tomorrow.

February 28, 2005
Mrs Deleen Tandy <>
Gospel Hall, Coventry
impressed by web site - frequently hit it on my enquiries. Like the songs too.

February 27, 2005
melissa <>
oakdale gospel lighthouse upc
very helpful

February 26, 2005
Alora Collins
Chruch of Christ
I found your site somewhat helpful. I found your word search puzzles useful. It would have been better if you offered more of a selection of word searches(preferably subject specific-i.e. the crucifition, the resurrection, etc.). Also, it would have been really nice if you had bible crossword puzzles(preferably subject specific).

Thank you and have a wonderful day.

February 18, 2005
Glenn Fontiveros <>
Inter-Faith Christian Church,Region VI - Iloilo, Philippines
I'm inspired by your great ideas. I learned more from your site. God Bless & more power to all of you!!!

February 03, 2005
Karla Pratt <>
St. James Anglican Church, Swan River, Manitoba, Canada
I am halfway through my first year as a Sunday School teacher, and I'm loving every minute of it. I have been keeping my eyes open for new and different ideas that would work well for our small class sizes, and your website has been an excellent help! I especially look forward to trying the "Christmas Window" for our 2005 pageant.


February 03, 2005
keeva Austin <>
Castle hill baptist church warwick UK
Excellent ideas thank-you!

January 27, 2005
Debbie Zachariah <>
Jersey Baptist Church in Ohio, USA
Love your ideas. Thanks so much for sharing. May God bless your ministry with children.

January 17, 2005
sylvia White <>
Restoration christian Ministries, walsall westmidlands
I am passing some of your quizzes and ideas to the children ministry. also the songs are brilliant.

January 16, 2005
Tracey <>
St James Church Burnley, Lancs
Brill!! You have got me through some sticky moments!

January 16, 2005
Darren Oram <>
Warminster Baptist, , England
Awesome sight, great resources, incredibly relevant. Thanks

January 15, 2005
Peter Cooke <>
St.Luke's (C of E), Cranham, Upminster, Essex, England
Thanks for some great ideas.

January 12, 2005
Elaine Koons <>
Daystar Church of God Florissant, Missouri

January 11, 2005
Jenie Carter <>
Canaan Christian Church, Louisville, Kentucky
I loved your site, thanks for helping us as we prepare our children and youth to become the Christian Leaders of tomorrow.

May Peace and Prosperity Be Yours Throughout This Year.

January 06, 2005
Mark Bradley <>
Praise Cathedral, Ravenswood, West Virginia, USA
The site is great. There is no reason for any church to have a boring Sunday School or Children's Church.

Many thanks to those who work on this site.

Mark Bradley

January 06, 2005
Janet Whitehead <>
Salvation Army Swadlincote, Derbyshire
Great site that provides some new ideas which will help us in our young peoples work many thanks and may God richly bless you in your work for him.

January 03, 2005
Isaac Mulyono <>
Gereja Kristus Tuhan - Semarang - Indonesia
Ide-idenya memberikan inspirasi baru untuk melayani anak-anak Sekolah Minggu, khususnya untuk lagu-lagu yang berisi cerita Alkitab.
Tuhan memberkati.