Summary: This website is intended to help Sunday school teachers and other Christians involved in Children's ministry. Here you will find a range of material, ideas and resources including children's bible quizzes, Christmas songs, other songs based on bible stories, bible wordsearch games, and ideas for training children to find and memorize scriptures. There are also ideas for Christmas presentations (alternatives to nativity plays - particularly suitable for smaller sunday schools). We also give some information about our own Sunday school in Liverpool, England.

welcome to dovecot sunday school

This is the home page of Dovecot Sunday School. As you might expect, our site includes some information about who we are and what we do. However, our main aim is to make available a range of ideas, materials and resources which may be useful to Sunday school teachers and other Christians involved in children's ministry.

To access the different areas of the site, click on the items in the menu on the left. At present these include quiz ideas, musical items, wordsearch games, plus suggestions for teaching children to learn the books of the bible, and to find and memorize bible verses. We have also added some ideas for Christmas presentations - particularly useful for smaller Sunday schools who may not have enough children to perform a nativity play. We intend to add other material in the near future.

If you find our site useful, please let us know by signing our guestbook. Also please share with us any ideas of your own, for possible inclusion in our web-site.

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