The Letter-Block Quiz

This is definitely one of our best-loved quizzes, and makes a real change from the often-used combination of questions plus scoring system. There are two identical sets of five cubes. The top and bottom of each cube are blank, and on each of the other four sides there is a letter of the alphabet. All the answers to the questions are five letter-words which can be spelled out using the five blocks. This is not always as easy as it sounds because some letters appear more than once (i.e. on different cubes), but the answer can only be formed by getting the right cube in the right place.

In our version (see picture) we use plastic photograph cubes. This is ideal because it enables us to modify the combinations of letters from time to time. However it would also be possible to use simple cardboard cubes with letters permanently stuck or painted on the faces. It is important to distinguish the two sets (e.g. by a colour on the top of the cubes) to ensure they do not get mixed up. For the best visual effect, a different fluorescent colour should be used for each of the four faces with letters on them.

The hard part is to arrange the letters on the cubes in such a way as to be able to spell a sufficient number of different five-letter words. It is better to work this out on paper beforehand. Here is one suggested combination which gives over twenty different words:-

Cube 1 - E-H-C-S

Cube 2 - A-M-T-B

Cube 3 - L-R-O-H

Cube 4 - S-A-I-B

Cube 5 - G-E-T-D

The above combination of letters will enable the five cubes to be arranged to form the answers to the following questions (the children will require a bible to find some of the answers):-

  1. On which day did God create flowers? THIRD
  2. What else did He create on the same day? TREES
  3. The planet we live on which God created? EARTH
  4. What God created on the fourth day? STARS
  5. What was the first thing that God created? LIGHT
  6. Who received the 10 commandments from God? MOSES
  7. What we are told not to do by the eighth commandment? STEAL
  8. Something we ask God to give us in the Lord's prayer BREAD
  9. Man looks on the outward appearance but God looks on the. . . . HEART
  10. Something on a persons face found in Leviticus 19:27 BEARD
  11. The first word of Psalm 48 GREAT
  12. Something green in Revelation 8:7 GRASS
  13. Opposite of greatest found in Matthew 5:19 LEAST
  14. Opposite of learn (Psalm 27:11) TEACH
  15. Something you can see through (Revelation 46) GLASS
  16. Animal used for transport in the bible. CAMEL
  17. If you receive sweets and give some to your friends you do this. SHARE
  18. Jesus was human (also God) - he knew what it was to be weary or? TIRED
  19. Jesus cooked some fish for his disciples on the seashore or? BEACH
  20. Roman 6:23 says this is the wages of sin DEATH
  21. In Acts 11:5 Peter said he saw a big one let down by four corners SHEET
  22. Proverbs 27:1 says that we should not do this about tomorrow BOAST
  23. The third person of the Trinity is the Holy Spirit or Holy. . . .GHOST
  24. Jesus told a parable about the wheat and the . . TARES

Playing the Quiz

We usually have two children (one young, and one older) for each set of blocks. This makes it possible to involve young children who would be less likely to know the answers, look them up in their bible, or spell them. The winning team is the first one to have their five blocks arranged so that they spell the correct answer. Usually we play "best of three", which reduces the amount of time spent changing the teams. Another variation would be to have boys versus girls, with a running total of wins for each group.

Alternative Combination

Here is a different combination of letters and questions - some of them are quite difficult and could be used for adults. Again, children will require a bible to look up the more obscure answers. Bible references are given for most answers, but these need not always be used. The person running the quiz should use their discretion and determine whether the children involved should know the answer (in which case the reference need not be given).

Cube 1 - G-B-T-O

Cube 2 - I-A-H-K

Cube 3 - A-O-E-C

Cube 4 - N-H-S-E

Cube 5 - T-R-M-L

  1. A person who is very tall like Goliath GIANT
  2. The mother of Ishmael found in Genesis 16:15 HAGAR
  3. The planet we live on which God created EARTH
  4. The name of the woman who hid the two spies (Joshua 2:3) RAHAB
  5. At the last day God will separate the sheep from the ----- (Matthew 25:32) GOATS
  6. The name of the commander in charge of Saul's army (1 Samuel 14:50) ABNER
  7. What we are told not to do by the eighth commandment STEAL
  8. The last letter of the Greek alphabet (Revelation 1:8) OMEGA
  9. The name of the mountain that Elijah went to in I Kings 19:8 HOREB
  10. The wife of Elimelech and mother-in law of Ruth (Ruth 1:2) NAOMI
  11. Another word for animal in Daniel 7:5 BEAST
  12. A mixture of myrrh and ----- was used to anoint the body of Jesus (John 19:39) ALOES
  13. One of the men in prison with Joseph BAKER
  14. A man who rebelled against Moses in Numbers 16:5 KORAH
  15. The name of one of the other spy who gave a good report with Joshua CALEB
  16. A large bird found in Jeremiah 48:40 EAGLE
  17. A place Paul visited where the people searched the scriptures daily (Acts 17:10) BEREA
  18. A Christian woman mentioned by Paul in 1 Corinthians 1:11 CHLOE
  19. The Name of Jesse's oldest son mentioned in 1 Samuel 16:6 ELIAB
  20. Ruth went to do this in Boaz's field (Ruth 2:3) GLEAN
  21. The brother of Moses AARON
  22. The father of Abraham (Genesis 11:31) TERAH
  23. Ephesians 2:8 says we have been saved by this, also a prayer at mealtimes. GRACE
  24. The bible says this is deceitful above all things (Jeremiah 17:9) HEART
  25. The father of Leah and Rachel in Genesis 29:16 LABAN
  26. A town where the Ark of the Covenant stayed for a while (1 Samuel 5:10) EKRON
  27. Four different colours of this animal are mentioned in Revelation Chapter 6 HORSE
  28. The husband of Abigail before she married David (1 Samuel 25:3) NABAL

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