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Over the years we have written an extensive range of songs for our Sunday school children to sing. Many are based on different aspects of the Christmas story, for use during nativity plays, pageants, or other Christmas presentations. Other songs are based on various bible stories, and have been used at our Sunday school anniversary services. Several churches around the world have used the songs, and other churches and Christian organisations are welcome to do so as well, subject to strict compliance with the conditions relating to copyright. To view these conditions click on "Copyright" in the menu on the left

Audio recordings of our own children singing the songs can be played via this web site. In order to conserve web space and minimise download times, the recordings are low-resolution mono MP3 files. However the audio quality is sufficient to provide a general appreciation. A selection of typical songs can be accessed conveniently by clicking on the buttons in the menu on the left (holding the cursor over a button will reveal the title of the corresponding song). When a button is clicked the words will appear in this window, and the MP3 file will start to load into the buffer. The song will start to play after a delay, (typically 15 seconds with a normal modem). A complete list of songs can also be viewed (see menu), and all of them can be played by clicking on the titles in the list. (These include several songs not accessible via the menu buttons).

You can also play the songs as midi files - i.e. music only without the singing. You may want to do this if you if you have a slow internet connection and don't want to wait for the MP3 files to load (or if you experience other difficulties playing them). Click the "play midi file" link on the relevant song page, which will bring up the midi-version. The music should start to play via your sound card's synthesiser after two or three seconds - the quality of the sounds will depend on your card.

Printed music scores and midi-files are available on request for most songs. For churches or other Christian groups in the United Kingdom we can provide CD recordings of the songs, and also music-only tracks on a CD. It is often possible to provide materials for use by Christians in other countries. If you would like further information please send us your details by e-mail, including a list of the songs you are particularly interested in, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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