Straws & Sweets

This isn't really a quiz, but rather a fun reward idea that can be used in conjunction with a quiz.

Two cereal bowls are placed on a table. In one of these there is a handful of small sugar-coated sweets which are generally round in shape. Examples of suitable sweets currently sold in the UK are "M & M's", "Skittles" and "Joosters". A child who answers a quiz question correctly is given a clean drinking straw and, using suction, they have to transfer as many sweets to the empty cereal bowl as they can within a set time limit. They get to keep all the sweets they successfully transfer. The time limit could be varied depending on the age of the child - e.g. 15 seconds for young children, and 10 seconds for older ones. Very young children, who might find this too difficult, could be allowed to nominate an older child to act on their behalf.

The straws used should not be too small in diameter - about 5 mm is ideal -and not too long (if necessary they can be cut shorter).

This game can be used as a scoring system for a team quiz - the number of points scored is the number of sweets transferred.

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