Of all the things we do in Sunday School, we regard none more vital than teaching the ten commandments, and we feel it is important to cover this regularly. The "Go Teach" materials we use in our classes always include a series of lessons on this subject in the 3-year syllabus. We also think it is important to encourage children to memorize the commanments, and reinforce the teaching by various means. Presented on this page are some of our ideas for doing this.

Teaching Children to Memorise the Commandments

The first dilema is to decide exactly what to teach! There is a wide spectrum of possibilities from learning the whole of Exodus 20 from the King James Version, to learning the commandments in a highly modernised and abrreviated form


In addition to the regular syllabus materials Go Teach have produced some excellent visual aids on the ten commandments (see photograph) below. These can be used to teach the ten commandments, using the bible stories on which the pictures are based, but they are also good to display permanently on the classroom wall, as a permanent reminder to the children.