True and False

This is a very simple idea which requires little in the way of preparation. Two chairs are positioned at either side of the room. On one chair there is a green bean bag or similar item (we actually use coloured socks stuffed with cotton wool), and on the other chair there is a red one. The green and red colours signify true and false respectively.

Two children of roughly similar age age and ability are selected to take part, and these stand one behind the other in the centre of the room. A statement is read which is either true or false. The first child to bring the bean bag or sock of the correct colour to the person running the quiz is the winner. The bean bags or socks are then replaced on the chairs, and two new children are then selected for the next turn.

As an example, the statement might be "Abraham was the son of Isaac". This is false, and therefore the child fetching the red sock or bean bag would be the winner. For older children it is possible to introduce an occasional trick statement such as "Jonah was the man who swallowed a whale" (False!).

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