Universal Pairs Quiz

Most Sunday Schools have probably run a pairs quiz at some time. The basic idea is that there are several cards (typically 16) on display - each with a number on the front face. On the other side of the cards there is a picture or word. A child is asked to call out a number, that card is turned over, and then a second card is chosen either by the same child or by a different one. If the two cards form a pair, they are either removed, or left with the reverse side showing. Finding pairs becomes easier as the quiz progresses because the children start to remember where everthything is, and also the number of options decreases.

One problem with this quiz is that it can be quite time consuming to prepare, especially if it is to look attractive. Here is a suggestion which will enable such a quiz to be prepared very quickly at any time in the future, provided you spend a couple of hours initially to make the basic number cards.

Our quiz was made for a "Velcro" board, although it could also be adapted for a magnetic board.

Obtain some stiff card which is black on at least one side, and carefully cut it into twenty squares using a sharp knife. The size of the squares should be about 13 cm (5 inches) - make sure they will fit on your board when arranged in 4 rows of 5, with a gap of about 1cm between cards. Now obtain or make some numbers (1 to 20) of different bright colours, about 5-6 cm tall, and stick them on the black face of the card ensuring they are centrally located (tip - use very faint pencil lines to locate them).

To protect the cards, the side with the number on it can be covered with adhesive transparent film. The squares of film should be considerably larger than the cards, so that when the edges are folded over and stuck to the reverse side, most of that side is also covered.

For each piece of card you will now need four pieces of adhesive velcro (ideally coloured black) each about 10-15mm square. Two of these should be stuck in diagonally opposite corners on the number side and two in diagonally opposite corners on the reverse side. It doesn't matter which two corners are used as long as they are diagionally opposite, and the same two corners are used for every card. The velcro should be positioned carefully, very close to the corners.

If you are using a magnetic board you may need to experiment to determine the best size of adhesive magnetic strip - it needs to be large enough to take the weight of the card. It may be necessary to use four pieces (one in each corner) per side.

The number cards are then used as the basis to prepare a quiz. All that is necessary is to put pictures or words on pieces of paper or thin card, and stick them to the back of the number cards using a small amount of "Blu-Tack". The size should be such that they do not cover the magentic tape or velcro. If you are using 13cm number cards, then a size of about 12cm long by up to 9cm high should be OK. Obviously you need to make sure the matching pairs are distributed in a random pattern.

Here are some suggestions for different pairs quizzes (obviously you do not need to use all twenty cards - eight pairs is sufficient, or even less in the case of young children)

Ten commandments: Ten cards have decorative numbers (one to ten) on the back, and the other ten have either an abbreviated form of the commandment, or a picture associated with the commandment (e.g. picture of church for No. 4, lips and/or speech bubble for No. 9 etc).

Books of the bible: Choose ten books of the bible and split the names in half (e.g. "JERE" on one card and "MIAH" on another).

Bible story names/pictures: One card has the name of a bible character (Joseph, Jonah, Daniel, Elijah, Zacchaeus etc), and the other card has an associated picture (coloured coat, whale, lion, raven, tree etc).

Bible Mothers (suitable for mothers' day): One card in each pair has the name of a bible character, and the other has the name of their mother (e.g. Hannah and Samuel, Moses and Jochebed, Sarah and Isaac, Eve and Cain, Eunice and Timothy etc.)

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