An Angel

Copyright 2002 Steve Case

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An angel, sent to this world,
An angel, sent by the Lord,
To Mary, a Jewish maid,
In Nazareth, in Galilee,
To tell her that a special child,
A Son, would soon to her be born.
"Jesus shall be His name;
A mighty King this Child shall be.
His kingdom, it will never fail,
He shall reign eternally."

An Angel, sent in a dream,
An angel, to Joseph appeared.
And to him the angel said,
"Take your wife and do not fear,
For it is by the power of God
A child will soon be born to her.
Jesus shall be His name,
A mighty Saviour He shall be.
He'll save His people from their sin,
Give the captives liberty,
Give the captives liberty."

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