Bethlehem is Busy Today

Copyright 1995 Steve Case

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This song is a great favourite with the children. The words "Wait a minute! there's a stable!" in the last verse are intended to be shouted rather than sung. ("Wait a minute!" is shouted by one child, and "There's a stable!" by the rest of the group).

Bethlehem is busy today,
Crowds of people here to stay,
"Have you any room?" Joseph said;
Innkeeper sadly shakes his head:
"I regret on this occasion
Every single room is taken;
I suggest you try elsewhere instead."

Down the street they go once more,
knock upon another door
"Have you any rooms you could let?"
Innkeeper says "I do regret ...
In the present situation
Caused by Caesar's new taxation,
Rooms are just impossible to get."

Wearily they go their way,
There just is no room today;
Only one more inn left to try;
Innkeeper sadly starts to sigh:
"I would help if I were able...
Wait a minute! There's a stable!
Hardly five-star, but at least it's dry."

And in that stable, on that morn,
The Saviour of the world was born.

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