Christmas Time

Copyright 1995 Steve Case

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This is one of several songs written in two parts, for singing at the start and finish of the performance. The MP3 file includes both parts -the second part (reprise) follows on from Part 1 after a short gap.

Part One (at the start of the performance)

Now Christmas time is here again,
We've things to buy and cards to write,
And Christmas trees appear again,
And carols sung by candlelight,

But we'd like to tell the story
As it happened long ago,
When Jesus left His home in glory,
Came to this poor world below,
And the Father in His love,
Sent His Son from heaven above,
On that day when Christ was Born.

Reprise (at the end of the performance)

Now Christmas time is here again,
The world goes madly rushing by,
Rejects the Child of Bethlehem,
And fails to see the reason why.

For the Saviour in God's plan
Was born of Mary on that day,
And as He grew, became a man,
His life was pure in every way.
But his enemies accused,
And with wicked hands they bruised,
And they crucified the Lord.

And so it was there came that day,
When on a cross the Lamb did bleed,
He died to bear our sins away,
And meet our deepest need.

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