Daniel in the Lions' Den

Copyright 1997 Steve Case

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This is the second of three songs written for a Sunday School presentation based on the story of Daniel in the Lions' den. For the last verse there is a change from minor to major key, which is quite difficult for children - it takes a considerable amount of practice!

The king retired but could not sleep, no comfort did he find
But thoughts of Daniel with the lions kept running through his troubled mind.
"Oh what a fool I've been, Daniel's in the lions' den,
And I can only hope that God will save him."

Next morning he went to the den in haste and stood outside,
And then with grave lamenting voice the king to Daniel loudly cried:
"Oh Daniel, are you there? Has the living God you serve
Been able to deliver you from the lions?"

And then from deep inside the den a voice was heard to say,
"Oh king may you forever live!" - Daniel was still O.K.
"Oh king you need not fear, God has sent His angel here,
And shut the lions' mouths - they did not harm me.

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