The Image on the Plain

Copyright 1995 Steve Case

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This is the first of three songs written for a Sunday School presentation based on the story of Nebuchadnezzar's golden image.

Long ago, in Babylon, there came a royal call:
"Build an image made of gold, and sixty cubits tall!"
Proudly there upon the plain, head up in the sky,
Golden, shining in the sun, the image standing high.

Then the king sent word throughout the land of Babylon.
To the grand inauguration everyone must come!
On the day they all arrived, all the people came,
Everybody stood before the image on the plain.

Then when everything was set, a herald cried aloud:
"Listen all you people here!" he shouted to the crowd,
"When you hear the music play", everyone was told,
"You must bow and worship the image made of gold!"

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