Saul (Theme Song)

Copyright 1993 Steve Case

This is one of three songs written for a Sunday School presentation based on the conversion of Saul. It written in two parts, for singing at the start and finish of the peformance. The MP3 file includes both parts -the second part (reprise) follows on from Part 1 after a short gap.

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Part One (at the start of the performance)

Saul, a religious man,
Born into the tribe of Benjamin;
Lived his life as a Pharisee,
Tried to keep the law of God so carefully.
Christians he was out to get,
Because he saw them as a threat.
That's the kind of person we're dealing with,
This man Saul.


Reprise (at the end of the performance)

Saul had really changed;
Now his life completely re-arranged.
Everything was so new for Saul;
Things which used to mean so much meant nothing at all.
Now he served the risen Lord,
Now he preached the Living Word.
That's the way that God can transform a man,
Just like Saul.

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