Song of Ananias

Copyright 1993 Steve Case

This is the third of three songs written for a Sunday School presentation based on the conversion of Saul.

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I heard a voice - it was the Lord,
Calling my name, and I said "Here am I";
"Go now and find the street called "Straight",
Ask for Saul - you'll find him there,
For behold he's deep in prayer,
Yes, this man is deep in prayer."

I've heard so much about this man,
Everyone knows of all the wrong he's done,
The way he persecutes the Church
Over in Jerusalem;
Now he's here, he'll do the same,
Yes, I'm sure he'll do the same.

But then the Lord said to me "Go!
I've chosen him, and he will bear My name.
He'll speak of Me to all the world -
Gentiles, Jews and even kings;
And he'll suffer many things,
Yes he'll suffer many things for Me

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