The Watchful Shepherds

Copyright 1995 Steve Case

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This is one of several songs written about the appearance of the angels to the shepherds, and the subsequent visit of the shepherds to Bethlehem.

The watchful shepherds did not sleep;
They were caring for their sheep.
The angel of the Lord drew near,
And it made them greatly fear.
"Don't be afraid, don't be afraid"
The angel gently said.

"I bear glad tidings for all men;
Christ is born in Bethlehem;
And this to you shall be the sign:
In a manger you shall find,
In swaddling clothes, upon the straw,
The Saviour, Christ the Lord."

And then the sky was filled with light,
The air was filled with sound,
Angels sang, praises rang,
Glory shone around.

The shepherds went and found the place,
They beheld the Saviour's face.
And then they spread the news abroad,
Of the birth of Christ the Lord.
Told everyone, so they would know,
That night so long ago.


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