We Know a Story

Copyright 1995 Steve Case

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This is one of several songs written in two parts, for singing at the start and finish of the performance. The MP3 file includes both parts -the second part (reprise) follows on from Part 1 after a short gap.

Part One (at the start of the performance)

We know a story, you've probably heard before;
But it's so wonderful, we'd like to tell it once more.
For though it happened long ago, in a country far away,
It's a story ever new and still relevant today.
So here's our story, a story so wonderful.

Reprise (at the end of the performance)

Well that's our story, you probably know it well,
But that was just the start, there's so much more to tell.
For Jesus lived a perfect life, but in time was crucified,
All our wrong was laid on Him; it was for our sin He died,
And then he rose up from the grave, and He is alive today,
And He gives new life to all who will trust Him and obey.
Now the God who made everything can be your closest friend,
It's a wonderful story with a wonderful end.

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