After you’ve had a look at the Music Page and made your decision e-mail
me at the contact given to let me know what you want.
Send me a cheque for the amount at the address I will forward to you and
I will dispatch your order within a few days.

In the near future I will be adding a Paypal link here which will speed up
the whole process and make ordering easier and quicker.

Here’s what you get:

Each piece comprises a set of part for

1st Flute
2nd Flute
F Flute (3rd Flute if preferred)
Drums (apart from some B&T where bands prefer their own settings)
An audio CD which includes the whole piece then the individual parts.


Single arrangement.............£18.00
2 arrangements ...................£16.50 each
3 arrangements................... £15.00 each
4 arrangements....................£13.50 each
5 or more arrangements..... £12.00 each

A set of Scale and Trill charts is available for £8.00.
There are 7 charts in all and are a very useful aid to players whose note reading
skills are needing help. A number of bands have used these and the feedback
has been very positive.

As previously said, if you are looking for something not on the lists get in touch anyway
and I’ll see what I can do to provide it. It will obviously cost a little more as I must work
from scratch. Any orders for specially commissioned work which I cannot resell will be
more expensive for the obvious reasons.

Rest assured whatever you order you will not be “ripped off”, I only ask that you
pay for what you get.