The Attenborough Webcam
Where time stands still...

Bought to you from sunny Nottingham :-)  The Webcams point out of bedroom windows into the road outside our house, where nothing really spectacular happens.
It's a very quiet road - Bin Day is Tuesday, Garden Bin Day every other Wednesday, that's all the excitement most people can handle (in Attenborough anyway)

The latest editions are projects running from a Raspberry PI's and scripts to copy the images up to the web - fantastic new gadgets.

Welcome to our international visitors...and all the varied users (including Pigeon racers, weather watchers etc)
Drive Cam (powered by Raspberry PI)
First Testcam pic
Second Testcam pic
Third Testcam pic
Fourth Testcam pic
Fith Testcam pic
Sixth Testcam pic
Camper Cam
First webcam pic
Second webcam pic
Third webcam pic
Fourth webcam pic
Fith webcam pic
Sixth webcam pic
Street Cam (powered by Raspberry PI)
First streetcam pic
Second streetcam pic
Third streetcam pic
Fourth streetcam pic
Fith streetcam pic
Sixth streetcam pic
Train Cam (powered by Raspberry PI)
First traincam pic
Second traincam pic
Third traincam pic
Fourth traincam pic
Fith traincam pic
Sixth traincam pic